Blender: parameters and how to choose it

Blender: parameters and how to choose it

The mixer it is a very useful appliance, or rather, it can be if we choose the model that is most suitable for us and that lasts over time. It is very common in our homes but also on the market, so it is not easy to find your way around the many types offered, different in quality but also in terms of purpose. So let's find out how to analyze the proposals we find in store and online to spend our money well, well aware that a blender is not just for blending. With this appliance, if quality and versatile, we can also knead or even whip, there are models that can also act as ice crusher or food processor.

Blender: parameters

Let's make a rundown of the most important parameters to observe when we are buying our appliance.
First of all the power, usually indicated in Watts if with cable, or in volts for blenders with batteries. It is also very important to know the capacity of the container, indicated in milliliters, and it may also happen that we see 2x indicated, which means that there are two containers. Always of container we must also look at the material it is made of because it must be resistant and practical at the same time. In most cases we will find ourselves choosing, I anticipate, between plastic and glass.

Blender: how to choose it

First of all, let's decide what we want to use our purchase for. With a traditional model, we can easily prepare some shakes and eventually crush the ice, in some advanced models. But if we want a device that allows us to chop any food, by varying the power as appropriate, then it is better to opt for another type that is more advanced and has more functions.

Surely the second category is more useful and practical, but very often it costs more, as it should be.
Let's also take a look at the carafe which is not always included in the package. In the traditional models, yes, but in immersion ones, it is possible that it must be purchased separately, if we do not have a container that can perform this function. Usually the capacity of the jugs supplied is 1 liter but if we need a larger model, we can look for it, there are.

If we want a powerful blender, we have to choose one with wire, usually those without wire they do not reach the same power levels. To convey the idea, for the models equipped with wire, it goes from 300 Watts upwards and if we also need to crush the ice we need a power of at least 500 W.

If we are looking at wireless models, we have different numbers and units of measurement. In this case it is necessary not to go below 5 V but better to opt for higher powers if we wish blend even harder fruits and vegetables.The last very important element to take into consideration are the blades, because the good result depends on them. We are looking for models that we have stainless steel and very sharp.

Blender and homogenizer

Very often a good blender can also act as a homogenizer and we try to choose it for that to happen: it is a great advantage. So let's look for a corded and powerful blender, with excellent blades, so we can do without buying an appliance that only acts as a homogenizer and that most likely will be useless after a few years.

Speaking of uses of blenders, if we buy a good model, we can also do without the food processor. In this case we must carefully evaluate the characteristics of the blades which usually move in 3 different directions, guaranteeing 3 cuts at each pass. In this way we are able to blend everything, even the hardest fruit, with excellent results.

Blender: materials

Even the materials with which the other elements of the mixer are important, not just those of the blades. Let's find out what the different options are.

It is important that they are resistant materials, but in what sense? It depends on the use we have to make of this appliance. If we use it at home, it's one thing, if instead we use it in a club, it's another. Obviously, in a local, you need a professional appliance and above all that he never gets tired,

The engine block can be manufactured in any material, in general, as long as it is resistant and provides the possibility to choose between different speeds. It must be reliable and practical. The second element to be analyzed is the container which can be made of polycarbonate or glass.

Glass has the advantage of not absorbing odors and being easy to wash but in a room it could be problematic because it breaks easily. Different is the polycarbonate which is indestructible, so perfect for that type of use.

Let's not forget about the blender blades which we have already said, are an essential element. If we are in a club, they must be very sharp to reduce the time, while in our home, even if we are in a hurry, we can opt for a less "aggressive" model.

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