Kefir and flax seeds, benefits and info

Kefir and flax seeds, benefits and info

Kefir and flax seeds: benefits and how to make water kefir at home by enhancing its properties with the addition of flaxseed flour.

What do they have in common kefir is flax seed? The answer is quite simple: they are a cure-all to be able to purify the intestine, a fundamental organ for our body, so much so that it has been renamed a sort of "second brain".

Well, the appropriate use of flax seed is kefir it can be very useful for trying to contribute to the health of the intestine, detoxifying it from waste and toxins. But for what reason?

Kefir and flax seeds

Let's start by remembering that i flax seed they are particularly precious seeds in order to favor the regularity of intestinal functions, providing fiber and Omega 3 in good quantity. The kefir it is instead a fermented milk-based drink, increasingly used in Italy as well. Kefir is also rich in bacteria good, and contrary to what happened until a few years ago, when it was essentially impossible to find, today you can buy it in organic shops and in the best supermarkets.

That said, flax seed is kefir they can represent a truly exceptional combination to help us eliminate toxins, mucus and bacteria from the intestine, thus improving one's approach to even particularly annoying conditions such as constipation or colitis.

But how can you do to be able to clean the intestines? How can we detoxify with two simple and natural ingredients like flaxseed and kefir?

The path to purification is quite simple, and it should certainly not cost you much effort. In particular, during the first week of "treatment" based on these particular ingredients, proceed to take a tablespoon of flaxseed flour, mixed in 100 ml of kefir. It is very important that it is taken in the morning, before taking other products.

The second week you should instead increase the dose. Therefore double the dose of the first week and take 2 tablespoons of flaxseed flour always mixed with 100 ml of kefir. And the third week? Again, you should press the accelerator pedal: 3 tablespoons of flaxseed flour, to be mixed with 150 ml of kefir water.

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Flaxseed meal for kefir

And if you don't have any flaxseed flour? You can still try to remedy this lack through the use of flax seed, to be minced well on the spot. Of course, the use of flax flour is much simpler, considering that you will already have a ready-made ingredient available to make the compound useful for the well-being of your intestine.

However, if you do not have flour available, but you have at least purchased flax seeds, you will need to arm yourself with a little patience and chop them on the spot: the result is still the one you hoped for, but with a little more effort.

As far as the sustainability of this remedy is concerned, it is usually not a question of anything heavy or indigestible, quite the contrary. However, given that the texture and flavor may not be to your liking, you may experience an unpleasant sensation for the first few days. As the mornings go by, however, you will get the right habit of this type of supply, and you will end up acquiring a positive habit that will generate benefits for your health.

Purify the body with kefir and flax seeds

Moreover, in order to maximize the benefits of this purifying treatment, it is essential to try to treat your own hydration. Therefore, remember to drink a lot of water, also because flax seeds have the characteristic of recalling it and keeping it to itself.

That said, at the end of the three-week treatment you should be able to get tangible intestinal benefits. Of course, this is a dietary modification that cannot be equated with medical therapy, but only with a positive and beneficial approach to be able to enhance two natural ingredients such as kefir and i flax seed within their morning wellness practice.

Therefore, if you believe that your intestinal problems are particularly harmful and lasting, it is advisable to share them with your doctor, and to evaluate with a specialist any diagnostic investigations that will allow you to regain the well-deserved well-being.

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