PetsFestival 2019

PetsFestival 2019

Preparations have begun for PetsFestival 2019, arrived at seventh edition, and scheduled for the weekend of October 19th and 20th.

Animal lovers, onlookers, families and groups of friends, all invited to the Piacenza Expo fairground because the PetsFestival, as they say, is the largest allpet event in Italy and this year an even greater success is expected than in 2018 both in terms of the number of spectators and the number and variety of exhibitors present.

PetsFestival 2019: where it takes place

Petsfestival occupies the whole Piacenza Expo exhibition center plus the outdoor area for a total, effective, over 20,000 sqm which host all the pet world including dogs, cats, fresh and marine aquariums, corals, reptiles, ornithology, falconry, and companion animals.

Furthermore, at PetsFestival 2019 it will be possible to attend the country world with a dedicated pavilion and a highly appreciated multi-ethnic food area.

Finally, you can also attend a gallery of 1000 square meters dedicated entirely to greenery.

You can't miss it! For companies, it is an opportunity to introduce themselves to an audience attentive to the animal world, coming from all over Italy, which in turn finds, tests, sees and knows the latest news in the sector and the most innovative and original proposals.

In addition, there will be some great news for the 2019 edition that we will discover together along the way.

Where can you follow all the news and updates of the program? Simple! You can follow all the updates and news on the official PetsFestival website.

PetsFestival 2019: what to see

Arriving at the PetsFestival 2019, it will be difficult to decide where to go in front of the many areas that spark interest and curiosity.

Between aquariology, ornithology, dogs, cats, ferrets, horses, reptiles and country, you can take the time to reflect while walking in the 1000 square meter gallery full of succulents, bonsai, orchids and floral curiosities.

One of the most successful areas of recent years is dedicated to cats with 2000 square meters of exhibition spaces entirely dedicated to these fascinating and magical playmates, beloved and very popular with the public.

TO PetsFestival 2019 the area dogs it will occupy 6000 square meters: it is the perfect place to get to know man's best friend at 360 ° by attending shows, work trials, exhibitions but also meeting companies and operators in the sector always looking for the best for our four-legged friends.

The space of Petsfestival 2019 dedicated to small animals includes the presence of adorable small mammals such as hamsters, chinchillas, ferrets, bunnies, gliders, Peruvian guinea pigs and others.

The many fans of the sector are also looking for the latest news, the best feeds, the most suitable settings for their beloved little big friends.

L'aquariology a Petsfestival includes sweet, marine, corals and much more: it occupies about 5,000 square meters and has earned its gallons in the field to be recognized as the largest aquarium event in Italy.

And this year too aquascaping with experts engaged in setting up micro-scenographies for aquariums, the betta show, an exhibition dedicated to fighting fish with hundreds of specimens to be observed live, goldfish experience and, hear and hear, for the first time a marine contest and a area dedicated to social media!

Pets & Country, the great party dedicated to the world of country. reaches its fourth year and also in this edition it will occupy an entire Petsfestival pavilion dedicated to lovers of this music and these splendid atmospheres.

Petsfestival 2019 also dedicates a large space to birds, from parrots of all sizes, to the most widespread and common species.

This year an exhibition organized with industry associations is planned.

L'reptiles area proudly grows and year after year is enriched with new protagonists by presenting not only tortoises and snakes, but also saurians, amphibians, insects and many other animals, as well as an interesting gallery of fossils.

Many specialized shops and breeders will be present, but there will also be space for the presentation of terrariums and new settings dedicated to this cold-blooded world.

PetsFestival 2019: how to best visit it

To visit Petsfestival, attend the shows, enjoy the atmosphere and why not, maybe attend one of the many conferences held over the two days, we recommend that you dedicate at least a whole day.

If, on the other hand, you want to go without fail and not waste time, you can (or must) do two simple things: discover the program on the event website and find the product or animal species that interests you most and then buy the ticket online (available from early July) which will allow you to avoid the kilometer queues at the entrance.

And we end with the Petsfestival karma, unchanged and unchanging over time that you breathe as soon as you enter the entrance: “Teach a child to take care of an animal and you will have planted the seed for a better humanity”.

We look forward to seeing you at Piacenza on 19 and 20 October! … Maybe in the company of your four-legged friends! :-)

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