Stuffed hard-boiled eggs: recipes and tips

Stuffed hard-boiled eggs: recipes and tips

Stuffed hard-boiled eggs: recipes and how to prepare them perfectly. Many variations to find the flavors that best suit your menu. Among the various ways to cook eggs there is also the filling! L'stuffed hard-boiled egg can be a delicious course, here are many easy recipes to prepare.

The stuffed hard-boiled eggs they are a delicious dish with which to enrich your lunches. In addition to being good, they are also simple to prepare, beautiful to look at and… considering that Easter is approaching, nothing better than to find out how to use them for the next holiday lunch!

For this reason, we have selected a few recipes for stuffed hard-boiled eggs that we advise you to read and, if you wish, customize and use for the Easter holidays. You also have a few days to "train": what better opportunity to get your hands dirty?

Boiled eggs stuffed with tuna and mayonnaise

That of hard boiled eggs stuffed with tuna and mayonnaise it is perhaps the best known recipe for using stuffed eggs in a tasty way. To make them following a foolproof recipe, start by taking 4 eggs and putting them in a saucepan with plenty of cold water. Boil them and cook them for about 8 minutes. Cool them under cold running water, peel them and cut them gently in half.

Then extract the yolks from the hard-boiled eggs, and put them in a mixer by adding a 180-gram package of tuna in drained oil, 1 tablespoon of well-desalted salted capers, 2 anchovy fillets in oil, 50 grams of mayonnaise and pepper. Blend everything well, until you are sure that you have obtained a uniform cream.

Once that's done, grab a pastry bag and fill the hard-boiled egg whites with your new tuna and mayonnaise cream. Finally, you can decorate each egg, to your liking, with a caper or an anchovy, and serve on the table.

Now that you know how to make this basic recipe, you can try to find the variations you like the most. Here are a few!

Soft-boiled eggs stuffed with cheese and asparagus

The first alternative recipe we want to share with you is that of hard boiled eggs stuffed with asparagus and cheese. The recipe is - like all the ones you will see in these pages - very simple to repeat and replicate.

Take the asparagus tips, blend them with a little salt and then pass them through a sieve to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Add the sifted egg yolks, a little more salt (but be careful not to overdo it) and pepper, to your liking. Then distribute the mixture thus obtained in the eggs, and garnish everything with a slice of asparagus and fresh cheese. The result is a really tasty and tasty dish, to be used also as an appetizer.

Boiled eggs stuffed with yogurt and salmon

An equally tasty variant is that of hard-boiled eggs with yogurt and salmon. The preparation? It will cost you a few minutes of your time, given that all you have to do is work the boiled egg yolks with yogurt and a little salt.

Once you have a good mixture, distribute it in the eggs and complete everything with salmon cubes that you will have previously seared in a pan. Conclude by seasoning with oil and pepper.

Hard-boiled eggs stuffed with vegetables: capers and broad beans

Do you want an alternative with a stronger flavor? One of the favorite variants is that of hard-boiled eggs stuffed with capers and broad beans. To make them, take 100 grams of beans, blanch and peel them, and then blend everything with desalted capers (just a spoon). Also add two sifted firm yolks, three tablespoons of mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Then take a pastry bag and stuff the half egg whites, then serve with a little mayonnaise.

Of course, the list of Stuffed hard-boiled egg recipes it is extremely long, and a lot will be given by your creativity. We therefore suggest that you design your very own recipe, starting with the ingredients you like best, and those that you think could be well integrated into your menu.

Considering the ease of making this recipe, and the validity of its variants, we are absolutely certain that you will not struggle too much in preparing delicious alternatives, with which to enrich your Easter lunch in a unique way, and more!

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