Global Strike for Future: on March 15 the world takes to the streets for the climate emergency

Global Strike for Future: on March 15 the world takes to the streets for the climate emergency

The future of the planet is in serious danger and in the absence of a decisive change of course, the consequences of the ongoing climate change will soon manifest themselves in all their devastating power. He knows it well Greta Thunberg, the brave little Swedish activist who has made the fight against climate change a reason for living.

From his words, his strikes, his example was born the peaceful movement of Fridays for Future or "Friday for the Future". An awareness movement that, as the name itself underlines, aims to save and rewrite the future, before it's too late. A movement that in all likelihood is destined to give a new turning point in the many environmentalist battles, aimed at safeguarding what is still preserved on our Earth.

Global Strike for Future: the common goal

From the spontaneous thrust of the Fridays for Future, the S.World Ciopero for the Future (Global Strike for Future), which will be held in the main cities of the world on Friday 15 March 2019. As for the Fridays For Future, the undisputed protagonists of the mobilization will be the youngest. But alongside the student protests there will also be adults of all ages. The goal is transparent and shared: to demonstrate that the state of the planet is serious and must be tackled urgently and with effective strategies, involving all the countries of the world.

The voice of those taking part in the strike will rise like a great universal chorus to ask the governments of the whole Earth to transform the promises made on the occasion of the Paris Agreement into concrete actions. The goals to be achieved are numerous and impacting: to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, make the air cleaner, focus on renewables, fight plastic pollution. In a few simple but essential words: create a sustainable future for those who already exist and for those who will come after us.

On March 15, an imperative appeal will be launched: to implement a more ambitious climate policy at a global level. The scientists, moreover, have expressed themselves clearly: the global warming it must not exceed 1.5 ° C if major disasters, which can lead to a point of no return, are to be avoided.

The World Strike for the Future in Italy

The mobilization will also see the most famous localities of our Peninsula as protagonists: from Milan to Rome, from Turin to Palermo. North and South: all united for the climate. In order to coordinate the various initiatives in our country, the backbone was born Fridays For Future Italy, which were joined by countless groups at the local level. The various activists use Facebook as a communication and dissemination tool for their events. Just do a search in the well-known social network to find the group closest to your city of residence.

Global climate crisis: Mattarella's appeal

On the issue of climate change and the urgency of immediate joint action, he also expressed himself Sergio Mattarella, visiting the areas of Veneto hit by the bad weather of last October. "SWe are on the verge of a global climate crisis, to avert which we need globally agreed measures. This is the meaning of the solicitation signed last autumn by some European heads of state", Declared the President, adding that"the efforts made in the international conferences that have followed have, up to now, achieved significant but partial and still insufficient results”.

Mattarella's attention then shifted to the current situation in our country. The President stressed that it is now clear to Italian public opinion that the climate changes underway also have serious consequences on the environment of our Peninsula and on the living conditions of our population. "To hear about the desertification of large swathes of African lands or the violent typhoons in the Caribbean, on the west coast of the United States or in Asia, seemed something remote, which did not concern us.”Added Mattarella. Similar phenomena today, on the other hand, affect Italy itself closely and can no longer be considered exceptional events.

The President's words also shed light on the fact that climate change is dramatically visible to all and needs rapid and timely action. It is time to act for every country in the world. Nobody excluded.

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