Boom in requests for renewable energy

Boom in requests for renewable energy

The Italians are asking the institutions for a greater commitment to the production of energy through renewable sources, in particular wind and photovoltaic.

This is the indication that emerged from the study "Italians, solar energy and the green economy", carried out by the UniVerde Foundation and IPR Marketing in collaboration with Cobat (the Consortium for the management of the end of life of batteries and electronic equipment of various kinds).

The report confirms what had already emerged in 2016 when Bloomberg New Energy Finance published the “New Energy Outlook” report.

Among the interesting data highlighted by the latest study by UniVerde Foundation and IPR Marketing we report a growth of 3% of those who would like more diffusion for the energy obtained by wind turbines.

Regret is expressed by the interviewees for the end of the incentives introduced in the past years at European level.

Solar is confirmed as the safest energy source of all, with 89% declaring themselves in favor.

58% of respondents would like our government to commit to a total conversion to renewable energy by 2050.

Italy already protagonist in photovoltaics with some excellences

Our country to pursue the strategy focused on renewable energy lacks political will but does not lack industrial excellence.

There IMC Holding, driven by Daniele Iudicone is Mauro Bianchi, with its Simple Photovoltaic brand, for example, it has managed to carve out a leading role thanks to years of scientific and constant research technologic innovations which allowed it to obtain the coveted recognition of the Itqf (the German Institute of Quality and Finance) released every year to the most brilliant companies in the industry.

The IMC group also received the "Zero Truffe" award issued by the monthly Il Salvagente, for having presented a system of installations advanced, able to make substantial reductions to the electricity bills of customers who have decided to install, in their private home, the photovoltaic panels produced by Simple photovoltaic.

The prospects for the sector, also based on what Daniele Iudicone of IMC Holding said, would seem encouraging: "Italians are increasingly inclined to an ecological change that is able to combine respect for the environment with significant daily savings in terms of energy costs that each of us is called to bear. The success achieved by our company, even beyond the Italian borders, is a very positive sign because it demonstrates how an international transformation is taking place that will accompany our planet, in a few decades, towards a shared and sustainable energy system capable of supplanting traditional sources. What today appears to be an economic boom linked to photovoltaics and renewables in general, is only the first step towards the revolution that awaits us”.

How to create energy at no cost

Daniele Iudicone is also the author of the successful book "How to create energy at no cost" available on Amazon, which explains in a simple, concrete and exhaustive way how you can make the most of photovoltaics and other renewable sources within your private housing unit to reduce or even eliminate the costs of electricity and gas bills.

The structure of the book is that of a practical guide, which accompanies the reader in taking all the steps necessary to achieve one hundred percent energy autonomy.

Job opportunities created by renewable energies

The renewable energies are creating the growing need on the part of the leading companies of new professional figures with very interesting prospects for the near future.

In fact, it is estimated that between 400,000 and 600,000 new jobs are available in the sector of companies engaged in renewable energy and the circular economy.

The same IMC Holding, already mentioned above, to fuel its expansion on domestic and foreign markets it has activated a hiring plan for 130 energy consultants throughout Italy and for 90 telemarketers for the offices in Latina and Pomezia.

Resources will be hired according to the National Collective Agreement reserved for operators of outbound telemarketing developed by AssoCall, the body that has entered into the collective agreement for the sector in consultation with the Government and of which IMC Holding is a part and active member.

If you are interested, you can send your application to the email address: [email protected]

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