Electric car incentives 2019

Electric car incentives 2019

Electric car incentives 2019: what they consist of and which cars can be incentivized. Bureaucratic process and "punishment" for the cars that pollute the most.

Let's talk about ecobonus, in particular, we will give you all the information to access theelectric car incentives 2019. The amendment in question has introduced a bonus-malus mechanism to encourage the purchase of environmentally friendly cars and discourage the public from buying more polluting cars. The principle ofcar incentives 2019it is not just about nutrition, it also involves CO2 emissions. Let's see all the details.

Electric car incentives 2019

Theelectric car incentivesthey reach up to 6,000 euros. Not onlyelectric cars, the incentives can also support the purchase ofhybrid carsand powered by natural gas. L'incentive of 6,000euro arrives in case ofscrappingof an old car, otherwise theecobonusit is "limited" to 4,000 euros.

In order to access theelectric car incentivesthere are tworequirementsto be respected:

  • Carbon dioxide emissions not exceeding 20 g / km
  • Car price not exceeding 61,000 euros

In case ofscrappingof the old car, theincentivepurchase is between 13% and 25%.

Which electric cars are covered by the incentives?

Here is the list of electric cars that can be purchased using theincentives of the eco-bonus 2019.

In the list ofincentivized electric carswe also reported thecost"starting from". Thecostindicated refers to the price list from which the amount of 6,000 euros provided for by theincentive with scrapping. If not yesscrapthe old car, at the indicated cost, you will have to add 2,000 euros. Another clarification on the cost indicated: this does not include anyextra bonuses and incentivesprovided by the dealer. In the wake of the incentives, many automakers offer extra discounts for buyers.

  1. BMW i3
    Price from 34,000 euros
  2. Citroen E-Mehari
    Price from 21,300 euros
  3. Citroen C-Zero
    Price from 24,800 euros
  4. Hyundai Kona EV
    Price: from 31,500 euros
  5. Hyundai Ioniq EV
    Price: 31,750 euros
  6. Kia Soul ECO Electric
    Price from 31,000 euros
  7. Mitsubishi iMiev
    Price from: 23.900
  8. Nissan Leaf
    Price from 28,700 euros
  9. Nissan e-nv 200 Van
    Price from 33,800 euros
  10. Nissan e-nv 200 Bus
    Price from: 35,278 euros
  11. Nissan Evalia 7 seats
    Price: 39,500 euros
  12. Peugeot iOn
    Price from 22,300 euros
  13. Peugeot Partner Tepee
    Price from: 27,000 euros
  14. Renault Zoe
    Price from: 19.800
  15. Electric Renault Kangoo
    Price from 22,800 euros
  16. Smart for two electric
    Price from 18.200 euros
  17. Smart electric forfour
    Price from 18,800 euros
  18. Smart electric cabrio
    Price from 21,500 euros
  19. Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor
    Price from 56,600 euros
  20. Volkswagen Up electric (e-up)
    Price from 21,000 euros
  21. Volkswagen Golf electric (e-golf)
    Price from: 34,100 euros

In order to promote the renewal of the car fleet currently in circulation, the new maneuver on the one hand offerselectric car incentivesand on the other, launch godsmalus,that is, surcharges from an amount that can sometimes reach 3,000 euros. Yes, you got it right, cars that pollute cost more.

Thecar incentivesthey entered into force on January 1st and will be in force until December 31st 2021. Thanks to incentives, if you are planning tobuy an electric car, you will have the entire three-year period to decide which model to choose!

The total amount of funds allocated toencourage the purchase of electric carsis 300 million euros.

Surcharge for polluting cars

For theself-polluting, the maneuver includes asurcharge. The penalty starts from € 150 for polluting diesel and petrol cars up to a maximum of € 3,000surchargefor the cars that pollute the most. How is the surcharge estimated? Also in this case the harmful emissions count. The tax will be progressive as emissions increase on the basis of the following scheme:

  • 110-120 g / km: € 150
  • 120-130 g / km: 300 €
  • 130-140 g / km: 400 €
  • 140-150 g / km: 500 €
  • 150-160 g / km: € 1,000
  • 160-175 g / km: € 1,500
  • 175-190 g / km: € 2,000
  • 190-250 g / km: € 2,500
  • > 250 g / km: € 3,000

Yes, who wants to buy a FiatPandaor a Fiat 500 (the best-selling cars in Italy) will have to take a look at the engine. Among the Fiat Panda models, only the one with the 0.9 Twin Air engine would be able to "escape" from the application of asurcharge. And what about hybrid cars?

Hybrid car incentives 2019

Thetraditional hybrid carsthey see harmful emissions higher than 70 g / km so they do not fall within theincentives for green cars, however, thenew generation hybrid carsthey see harmful emissions below the threshold of 70 g / km.

The incentives for the purchase of hybrid carsamount to 2,500 euros. The hybrid cars that can access the incentives are:

  • Bmw 225 xe
  • BMW 530e
  • Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid plug-in
  • Kia Niro plug-in hybrid
  • Kia Optima plug-in hybrid
  • Mini countryman Cooper hybrid
  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
  • Toyota Prius

Pictured above, the Toyota Prius.

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