Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline

There black tourmaline belongs to the group of minerals called tourmalines, belonging to the class of silicates, order of cyclosilicates. Their name derives from the Sinhalese term “turmali”, in the past used to indicate the name of the crystals brought to Europe from Ceylon. Turmali means stone of various colors but we are about to discover the characteristics of black tourmaline, specifically. There are cases in which the color is not even uniform, among other things, because it depends on the chemical composition of the mineral.

Black tourmaline

The chemical formula of this tourmaline is NaFe3 (Al, Fe) 6 [(OH, F) 4 (BO3) 2 Si6O18]. We are dealing with a complex basic borosilicate of aluminum that belongs to a group of minerals in which we can find stones of many colors. Not only black, then, but also orange, pink, red, purple, light blue, yellow, green, brown and black. Beyond the color, linked to the chemical composition, tourmaline is a common stone in pegmatitic or sedimentary rocks, with a very elongated prismatic shape with vertical streaks.

Tourmaline: properties

Black tourmaline is endowed with numerous properties, among the most relevant there are pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity. The first translates into its ability to charge itself with electricity if it heats up and then cools, the second in its ability to charge itself with electricity when subjected to pressure. It is also a mineral that is resistant to acids and can be discharged after use under running water.

We find black tourmaline often used to shield the harmful effects of magnetic fields produced by television or computers, but it is also used to have more general physical and spiritual benefits. In this case it should be held in the left hand in particular precisely in moments of particular tension, its capacity will be that of allow us to release the nervousness. Alternatively, we can also use it by placing it on the sacrum, knees or feet, it doesn't take much to have its effect, you don't need to use it for long periods.

Tourmaline: powers

Let's see together other powers attributed to the black tourmaline, stone used as a painkiller or to promote the recovery of vital energy when necessary, or to strengthen our immune system. We have already seen that it can protect from harmful radiation of electronic equipment including PCs and TVs, but it can also be said that black tourmaline is able to purify our energies and protect us from environmental negativity.

As a stone linked toEarth element, it absorbs all the disharmonies within itself, then removes victimhood and self-pity by transforming the negative attitude into a positive one.

Also on a psychological level it can be noted that this mineral, although black, has an absolutely positive effect on our mood. It drives away negative thoughts and energies, pushes us to have an impartial attitude towards the facts of life and a rational approach. With the black tourmaline in our hands we should be led to recognize our mistakes by committing ourselves to resolving situations with no way out in a pragmatic and concrete way. At the same time we will be pushed to an attitude of introspection but only to then be able to free ourselves from those states of mind in which we feel trapped or exhausted. If we have neurotic tendencies or are over-stressed, this tourmaline is for us.

Tourmaline: meaning

Earth-bound mineral, la black tourmaline it therefore appears to relate to everything inherent in the sphere of stability and well-being, therefore to issues such as peace, balance, fertility, money. If we want to attribute a chakra to her, hers is the first, Muladhara ("Root")

Speaking of balance, we can add that this tourmaline balances the feminine and masculine energies of the body, and in general acts as a balancerin fact, on a metaphysical level, it is said that it is also capable of balancing the two hemispheres of the brain.

Among the various meanings attributed to this stone we also find that of "stone of creativity ". Indeed, it appears that it can help artists of various disciplines to have the right inspiration. As artists and non-artists, it is used to limit obsessive or very repetitive behaviors.

Tourmaline: where it is found

Date hardness and inalterability, tourmalines can also be found in sedimentary rocks but in general they are common minerals especially in magmatic and metamorphic rocks. We find it in abundance in pegmatites. Regarding its geographical location, the clearest tourmalines come from from the island of Elba, in Italy, and in the rest of the world from Minas Gerais (Brazil), the Urals, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Mozambique, Maine and California in the USA. If, on the other hand, we are "satisfied" with opaque but well-formed crystals, then we can also find them in other areas of Italy besides the Island of Elba: Olgiasca (LC), Candoglia and Craveggia (NO) Sondalo (SO) and in Val di Vizze (BZ).

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