Fortunale: the first line of 100% Natural Knitwear

Fortunale: the first line of 100% Natural Knitwear

Fortunale:an idea born from a long research on natural yarns and fabrics, on vegetable dyes and with low environmental impact that aims at the production of organic wool garments designed to be 100% natural.

A project that aims to change the world of fashion for the better by following the overwhelming force of the storm: an atmospheric perturbation of exceptional intensity; whose name derives from luck, from the good fortune to which sailors relied to navigate in adverse weather conditions.

Fortunale: how it all started

The creator of the project is Ivan Aloisio and his story begins forty years ago in San Chirico Raparo (PZ), a village nestled in the mountains, surrounded by green forests and centuries-old oaks and their intoxicating scent. The family business was born and developed in this beautiful place, which over the years has grown more and more by moving to the Apulian manufacturing district of Cassano delle Murge, a town in Southern Italy immersed in nature and surrounded by the splendid Mercadante Forest.

Thus Ivan Aloiso carries on the knitwear factory with commitment, enthusiasm and passion. But the numerous travels and exhibitions in which he has the opportunity to present his collections, put him in front of a sad reality that characterizes the world of fashion today:pollution of the textile industry.

Just think of the toxic materials used in dyeing plants, the spills of dyes in river waters, the thousands of tons of synthetic fabrics and plastics that we wear every day.”.

An awareness that, at the same time as the birth of his son Jacopo, reminds him of a sense of responsibility and the desire to do something to change "the state of things". Thus was born the Fortunale project which consists of a different knitwear line that focuses on the quality and value of Made in Italy. But above all, it wants to give importance to nature and protect the health of workers and consumers at the same time.

The Fortunale product

Fortunale it absolutely is eco friendly and fully embraces the concept of circular economy. Each garment is in fact designed to be recycled at the end of its natural use.

The total absence of synthetic fibers allows the product to be recycled up to 80%. And there is also the possibility of returning an old garment to get a 30% discount on the next purchase.

Not only.

Even the packaging in which the product is contained is made with recyclable cardboard. The latter, in fact, can be reused as a drawer or as an object holder thanks to its extraordinary adaptability.

Let's see in detail the three aspects that make the product truly innovative and ecological:

  1. Pure organic wool of the highest quality.The wool comes from organic farms that respect the natural living conditions of the animals. The latter are therefore not mistreated, but left to graze in large meadows free of harmful and polluting substances.
  2. Coloring process free of any chemical product. More than 200 natural ingredients (flowers, leaves, berries and roots) are used in this process to achieve a wide range of colors and shades. The dyes are based on ancient natural coloring recipes which, thanks to in-depth studies and the use of the most modern textile technologies, guarantee good characteristics of solidity and reproducibility, making the garment resistant to frequent washing and daily wear. All this is guaranteed by the prestigious certification Woolmark Approved Natural Coloration Technology.
  3. Attention to detail and attention to the customer.The collections are made in Italy by specialized laboratories with consolidated high quality production experiences. Every single garment is also checked and finished by hand by expert knitters before being shipped, in order to combine the latest fashion trends with the comfort requirements requested by customers.

Fortunale contributes to the protection of the environment

Fortunale does not forget the importance of the environment and for this reason it has decided to invest part of its profits, in collaboration withLegambiente, in the purchase of new trees to be planted in the deforested areas of the territory.

A problem, that of deforestation, very widespread and truly worrying.

But the beauty of this project is that you too, by buying a garment, can be an active part of the change process and fully embrace the cause. As a sign of "recognition" of the contribution made, a unique numeric code will be embroidered on the back of the shirt you will purchase, which will refer to the "adopted" tree.

A good way to concretely do good and protect our environment!

Fortunale is also preparing for one crowdfunding campaign which will be launched on kickstarter from the end of November. If you are interested / in participating you can follow all the activities and updates on the social channels (Facebook and Instagram) or directly on the site:

The greater the supporters of the crowdfundig, the stronger the wind of change brought by Fortunale!

Curated by Christel Schachter

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