Recipes with stale bread

Recipes with stale bread

Woe to throw away the stale bread and it is not a anti-waste alert or aimed at recently created savings. For centuries, the Italian culinary tradition, and not only, has been full of recipes aimed at recycling the no longer fresh bread that often remains in the kitchen. From Northern Italy to the South, including the islands, there are numerous recipes who can suggest how to taste these "leftovers" without even realizing that it is a recipe for reuse. They are in fact tasty dishes, both sweet and savory, that no one would dream of considering second class. There is the pancotto, in name and in fact, there are the ribollita and the panzanella, i passatelli and so on. One almost feels like, and someone does, to buy a lot of bread to make it go ahead.

Recipes with stale bread

Today it often happens to buy too much bread, because we have a lot and many kinds in front of our eyes. It is a food that is cheap and that nourishes, fills. If we are afraid of having nothing to eat, a little extra spare bread never hurts. It is precisely by doing this reasoning that you risk to advance the bread and find yourself with the kitchen full of stale bread, left to dry in paper bags. Here's what we can do with it.

Recipes with sweet stale bread

We prepare an interesting peach bread cake, a soft and delicious dessert, excellent for the summer. Let's take 150 grams of stale bread to be soaked in a solution with 100 grams of milk and as many of water. We whip 2 eggs with 80 grams of sugar adding the squeezed bread, 500 grams of peeled and chopped peaches and, if we want to enrich the dessert, also about twenty grapes. The dessert can be flavored with some grated lemon zest and rum, it should then be put in a pan at 180 ° C for 30 minutes and served with powdered sugar and other fruit.

Another recipe to prepare with stale, sweet bread is the drunken bread pancakes. This time the bread, 300 grams, must be soaked in white wine. Separately, mix 3 eggs, 70 grams of sugar and a pinch of salt in a bowl, then add the squeezed bread and mix. We can also add grated orange and lemon zest for flavor, and those who love cinnamon can also use this spice. To the dough we must add the flour, 30 grams or as much as needed to obtain a consistent dough. Now we are ready to fry the pancakes, balls of dough, in boiling seed oil. They are to be served with powdered sugar.

Savory stale bread recipes

There pappa al pomodoro it's a classic, let's see how to prepare it with stale bread that is left in the kitchen cabinet. Brown a clove of garlic and a chopped onion with oil and add about 500 grams of peeled and blended tomatoes, once the garlic has been removed. Let's boil with a sprig of chopped basil, for about ten minutes.

Now we take the stale bread by making it into small pieces and adding it to the sauce while we continue to mix until the bread is well soaked. At that point we add a liter of broth, boiling and let it boil for 15 minutes. When we turn off the heat, let it rest for an hour and then serve with oil and fresh basil leaves.

Another traditional recipe is that of Mondeghili, vegetarians won't like it but it's pretty tasty. We take 90 grams of stale bread dipping it in 160 grams of milk, separately we prepare the meat: a piece of white rib of beef to be boiled and minced together with an abundant hectogram of mortadella and a sprig of parsley. Add 2 eggs, 50 grams of grated parmesan, salt, pepper and the soaked and squeezed bread. Now all that remains is to give shape to the meatballs, there will be about twenty, to be passed in the beaten egg then in the breadcrumbs and then fry until they become golden.

From meat to fish, to be precise cod that we can prepare stewed "alla ghiotta". Take 1 kg of soaked and boned cod fillets and fry them in oil for a couple of minutes on each side. Separately, brown the crumbled stale bread, about 50 grams, with a little oil and a clove of garlic for a couple of minutes. Take the fish back and lay it on a baking tray with 3 large tomatoes cut into fillets, 100 grams of black olives, a tablespoon of desalted capers and the toasted breadcrumbs we have prepared. This dish should be kept at 180 ° C for about ten minutes.

Original stale bread recipes

More original is the recipe for green dumplings always made with bread and "green" vegetables: coasts. We take 200 grams of stale bread to be softened in 125 grams of milk. After boiling 250 grams of ribs, blend them with the bread and then add an egg, salt and breadcrumbs if necessary. The dough obtained is divided into 4 pieces with which we form long "snakes" from which to obtain small pieces of a couple of centimeters: our green gnocchi. We can cook them in salted water for 5 minutes and season them to taste with tomato or melted butter and sage.

Recipes with stale bread: books

Here are three interesting books to find out old and new recipes with stale bread. Stale bread. 50 recipes to rediscover a tradition, bread and poetry. 70 recipes based on stale bread, 70 poems by contemporary poets, La signorina del pane stale. The unforgettable experience of an Erasmus told through the eyes of a twenty-year-old woman discovering herself.

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