Giradito: what it is and natural remedies

Giradito: what it is and natural remedies

It is not an intuitive name for a foot disorder, gives more the idea of ​​a game or something fun, which is not at all and those who have experienced its effects know well. I'm talking about the turnkey, a problem that affects the fingers, both hands and feet, and which can also be treated with natural remedies. It depends on the extent and intensity, very often what happens is that they come side by side natural remedies and drug treatments in order to heal as soon as possible.

Giradito: what it is

Let's find out immediately what it is. The turnkey it is nothing more than an inflammation that affects some parts, the softest, of the fingers and toes. Let us not imagine who knows what complicated disease, it is a rather trivial disorder that in most cases originates from an infection. This does not mean that it should be neglected, on the contrary, it is better to treat it immediately and at best, precisely because it does not take who knows what effort. There are also gods very effective natural remedies, I also advise you to inform yourself about small forms of prevention.

The finger develops where the skin is closest to the nail and it is easy to realize that you have it because it causes great pain, but not only. If we are of those who have a very high pain threshold, then we can notice this inflammation by observing the presence of some rather evident symptoms such as the appearance of redness around the part, the swelling, sometimes with pus, the presence of cuts or small vesicles. Sometimes the finger is also accompanied by the change of the nail. In some regions, instead of its official name, it is called "patereccio" but the pain remains the same!

Finger: causes

Let's begin to analyze the appearance of this problem on the fingers. In this case most likely its appearance is linked to staphylococci or streptococci present in saliva that are able to infiltrate the skin by taking advantage of the presence of small lesions that we ourselves create if we have the bad habit of biting our nails or gnawing on the cuticles. Always remaining on the hands, even a poorly done manicure can cause annoyance turnkey, this also applies to the pedicure, so let's move on to the feet.

When the finger sprouts on the toes most likely this part of the body is particularly moist. Another reason may be the presence of an ingrown toenail but the turnkey it can also be caused by severe trauma to the fingers or byentry of a splinter.

Giradito: natural remedies

Especially if we immediately notice the onset of the problem, it is possible to intervene by applying natural remedies and obtaining good results. Let's see what possibilities we have, of course we do not want to exclude that of contact your doctor.

Initially, the fingertip shows redness and a classic white pin that makes us understand how pus has already formed. At this point we can put in place some natural tricks to get some relief. Let's start with the simplest which consists ofdip your hand or foot into a basin several times a day with warm water and a teaspoon of coarse salt. In this way the wound is disinfected, it is necessary to soak the inflamed part several times a day until we see consistent results.

There are also various types of compresses to do, a more complex operation but which leads to excellent results. We can choose those of mallow or, very similarly, prepare an infusion with the same ingredient and dip the inflamed finger. Alternatively we can also prepare a poultice with rice flour and ground flax seeds, or directly use flax flour.

It is quite simple, just mix the two ingredients in water and apply the mixture obtained on your finger, leaving it to act for about 20 minutes. Another recipe that I propose to those who do not hate strong smells is the one based on onion and garlic, if we blend both and apply them on the finger, 2 or 3 times a day as if it were a cream, beyond the smell, we will feel the inflammation fade. These two ingredients are fundamental to them antibacterial action.

If we really don't want to handle garlic and onion, we can opt for tea tre oil, just a few drops are enough to mix with almond oil for wraps. Just the tea tree oil it has a powerful antibacterial, antifungal and healing action, we can easily buy a 60 ml pack also online, on Amazon, 100% essential.

Also online we can also buy arnica gel, a powerful anti-inflammatory that can also be used as an infusion, the effects of calendula are also very similar

Let's finish with two other natural remedies for turnkey easy to apply even at home. The first is based on dry mullein leaves to be boiled for about 5 minutes in milk, and then dipped in them for 15 minutes once cooled. Even more banal but no less valid, the remedy based on lemon juice that disinfects and flames. Just take the fruit, make a hole and dip the infected finger in it if it's a finger.

Finger: cures

If we have tried them all but see no improvement, we do not hesitate to consult a doctor before the infection can spread to other parts of the body. If we want to play of prevention, we begin to avoid biting our nails, if instead we already have the turnkey while we are being treated we do not share towels and linen with others to avoid infecting them.

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