Pink lakes: the most beautiful in the world

Pink lakes: the most beautiful in the world

The world is full of natural spectacles and it's up to us to discover them, have the time and the desire to notice them, and make sure they don't disappear. One of the best is that of pink lakes, a phenomenon among the most curious and surprising because it distorts our beliefs, given that in the world most of the lakes, as we are taught as children, are blue, azure, if anything tending to green.

The nice thing is that the pink lakes are not all in the same area, as we will see they are scattered all over the world. It cannot therefore be "a coincidence" if they are of this color. It must be said that most of these magical bodies of water are found in Australia. There is the popular Hillier Lake, located in an archipelago of islands south of Western Australia, the Recherche archipelago, and in the same area there is also the Pink Lake, in name and in fact, located a short distance from the city of Esperance. Maybe you don't expect it but there would also be one in Italy, try to guess where!

Pink lakes: why they form

There is no strict rule that scientifically unites all the pink lakes of the world, given that they are found in the most varied environments, but generally we can say that their color is due to the presence of algae that produce the class of organic pigments of carotenoids.

Among these algae we find the Dunaliella saline which is a halophilic micro-algae able to survive high concentrations of salt in water. What does this mean? It suggests that many pink lakes actually have some large salt flats nearby, as well as being among the most beautiful lakes in the world, whether we like it or not. Pink color.

Pink lake in Senegal

In Senegal we find the Retba Lake. We are in West Africa and we are in the presence of an alga, as mentioned above, which makes the lake like this. Its waters take on the rosacea pigmentation due to the presence of a halophilic bacterium known with scientific name of Desulfohalobium retbaense. When we talk about halophilic bacteria we mean a salt-loving bacterium. In Retba Lake there is a high density: 385gm / liter. The membranes of this bacterium are responsible for the pink because they contain pigments of these red-pink colors which then go to make the lake of this suggestive color.

Pink lake in Australia

The best known lake among the pink lakes is the Hillier Lake. We are in Australia and this lake is located in particular on the main island ofRecherche archipelago. The show is undoubtedly unique and not only for the color of the lake but also for how it fits into the landscape, creating truly evocative color contrasts that we do not find in other contexts. Not all pink lakes are "immersed" in nature as this. Among the pink lakes in the world, this is the most famous, there are those who suspect that it is all a gimmick to attract tourists but this is not the case at all, this is its natural color, so unnatural.

Also in Australia we also find the Pink Lake, less known but also a saline lake. It works exactly as we explained for the other lake, even in this situation the waters are pigmented thanks to the presence of Dunaliella Salina. When you go to visit Pink Lake, you can admire the color of its waters but also the whole environment in which it is inserted, its vegetation but also the fauna. In fact, in these parts there is a great variety of birds and it is a natural place to be preserved as well as to be admired.

Pink lake in Spain

Let's take a leap to Europe to catch up with the next one pink lake, that of Torrevieja, in Spain, in the south-eastern part of the country, near Alicante. Here we find two salt flats, the Salina de Torrevieja and La Salina de La Mata, and here are two salt lakes that are among the largest in Europe, which is why they are often besieged by tourists who once did not know them. The salt pans today are one and only a tourist destination while until a few decades ago they were also… salt flats.

Pink Lake in Canada

Let's change continent again, let's go to North America and in particular to Canada to admire the Dusty Rose Lake. In this case it is no longer the halophilic bacterium that gives the lake its color but it derives from the particulate present in the waters of the glaciers which, during the temperate seasons, feed it. In fact you can see how the rocks around the Dusty Rose Lake are of a pink-purple color, the same shade of lake water.

Pink lake of the Cervia salt pans

Finally we arrive in Italy to find out where the tricolor pink lake is located. We are in Cervia, we are at Salt pans of Cervia and we are facing a pink lake which, although not at the levels of the Australian ones, can attract many tourists. This also applies to the Saline of Molentargius, in Sardinia, also known for the spectacular invasions of pink flamingos, which go there to nest.

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