Evergreen garden trees

Evergreen garden trees

The evergreen trees they are an important component when deciding how you want to furnish a green space that does not necessarily have to be a garden but also a park, a flower bed, or perhaps a balcony with the possibility of placing beautiful large pots. It is true that every tree is important and I don't want to discriminate but it must be taken into account that evergreen trees they have an edge because they make sure they are green all year round. Therefore, those who want a space that is always' "alive" can only rely on this category of trees and at least include it in their green furniture planning.

In general a evergreen tree it needs deep enough soils so that the full development of the root system is allowed. For the same reason, these trees must be placed away from other plants that could affect their growth. So here it is not at all trivial to furnish one green space inserting evergreens, it is important to think about how they will develop to take into account the spaces needed in the future and also their sun exposure. Not everyone likes it if it is fixed on their hair all day, direct.

An advantage of the evergreen trees lies in the fact that they are able to thrive in almost all climates, plus they do not require much maintenance, the important thing is to remember that they must be slightly pruned in the autumn months. If we know how to follow these indications we will be able to see our trees live for several years, become robust and even overcome very harsh winters. An important and critical obstacle to overcome are the first two years, the classic years of 'settlement' in which the the most critical moments are winter and summer.

Evergreen trees that are easy to grow

Among evergreen trees for beginners we find the Rate which is one of the best known of the category, present and desired in many gardens even if it has large proportions and a majestic and imposing bearing, indeed, perhaps also for this reason it is. It is not an easy tree to position but it is simple to manage, some specimens even reach 20 meters in height.

The leaves of the Rate they are small and elongated in shape, their foliage is thick and leafy. As for its maintenance, it does not require a lot of water, sometimes it is satisfied with rainwater except in the period immediately following planting, in which irrigation is required. It prefers sunny areas and, once it has stabilized in the ground, it does not fear heat or cold but it is we who must fear, and not eat, the red berries it produces, which are extremely toxic for humans and some animals.

Evergreen garden trees

In the garden one of the trees evergreen my favorite is definitely the Magnolia with all its varieties. It is truly elegant and refined, it is a constant presence all year round and then in spring it gives wonderful blooms with an intoxicating scent. Fine and dynamic, rich in fleshy, shiny leaves and a beautiful intense green, the magnolia in addition to its wonderful flowers, also produces pine cone-shaped fruits full of seeds, of a bright red color. Even this plant does not have extremely difficult claims, however it needs a fertile and well-drained soil, it is then better if we fertilize it with organic compost.

Aromatic evergreen trees

L'Eucalyptus is the best known of the category of evergreen trees aromatic but it needs a temperate climate and above all very large spaces as it can reach 20-30 meters in height. The optimal soil is well-drained soil. This tree has a smooth, greyish color, oval leaves similar to a heart between green and blue, of a very particular color. This tree does not have many claims but one yes: fertilization must be constant, especially in the first year.

Among the aromatics we also find Juniper which produces the famous berries rich in beneficial natural ingredients. It is a rustic tree that adapts to any climate and terrain, so even in Italy it can be found in the mountains or near the sea and there is also the beautiful bonsai version as it is very decorative and choreographic, at home as in the garden. What we need to remember, to make ours survive well Juniper, is not to expose it to temperatures below zero, especially when it is still very young.

Evergreen balcony trees

It is in many gardens but it is also one fromtree balcony the olive tree, moreover particularly suited to our Mediterranean climate. Its woody trunk of a light brown tending to gray is peculiar and is always full of knots. The bark of the olive tree smells, the leaves have that silvery color very elegant, in spring they are flanked by small white flowers that give way to the most famous fruits.

There are those who cultivate the olive tree only for ornamental purposes, it is one rustic plant which does not require special maintenance works, it only needs space to grow and a few nearby plants. In winter, if the temperatures are too cold, it is better to cover it with a towel while in summer, woe to make it run out of water.

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