10 animals at risk of extinction

10 animals at risk of extinction

It is difficult to rank that of the 10 animals at risk of extinction, first of all because it is a sad but also very “fluid” ranking. There are head-to-head and new entries to manage and unfortunately also some exits due to extinction because in many cases the situation does not improve and the animal at risk becomes an animal that is no longer traceable on the face of the earth.

Some of 10 animals at risk of extinction they are well known, others less so, still others are completely unknown because perhaps they live in a niche of the world on the opposite side of our country of residence.

So far, experts have come to describe almost 2 million animal and plant species, but it is estimated that on Earth there could even be between 5 and 100 million of them, in very inaccessible habitats and also in dimensions that often do not make them easy. identification. There are many associations today, such as WWF, committed to defend endangered animal species but it is not just their task, it is a duty for all of us because their well-being derives fromglobal balance of the Planet and if the planet is not healthy we too suffer as it is already happening.

There are many reasons why a species may be at risk of extinction, often this is related to the destruction of the habitat in which it lives, but there are some of the 10 animals at risk of extinction which are threatened by illegal trade, poaching, pollution, climate change.

Today we are going to see a kind of top ten, a black list, but animals that are at risk there are thousands according to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), which every year releases the Red List of animals at risk of extinction. Their conservation can only pass from our greater commitment to the protection and conservation of natural habitats.

10 animals at risk of extinction in Italy and in the world

Let's see who is in this top ten without pretending to photograph the situation with absolute precision, as we write it may be that there are variations in the rankings, but the certain thing is that the animals we are about to tell they need help.

We find theSumatran orangutan threatened by the numerous fires that destroy forests in Indonesia to make room for intensive farming. It is above all the oil palms and stealing the vital space of this animal which has become the symbol of deforestation and the disappearance of natural habitats. In Sumatra there is not only the orangutan in danger but also the elephant that suffers from deforestation and poaching, it is a much sought after animal as can be guessed by ivory hunters.

Poaching and deforestation are also a strong threat to the Mountain Gorilla. In 2013 there were 880 copies in Virunga National Park and they are really a small number that should greatly worry us. Something must be done to prevent this Gorilla from disappearing from the face of the Earth, it seems that only about 500 remain in Africa.

A rare animal, but today at risk, is the Amur leopard of which about 60 copies remain. It can also be called a Siberian leopard, however it remains a precious species to be allowed to survive, common especially in Korea, China and Russia, in the past, but today it is rare wherever it survives.

Among the 10 animals at risk of extinction there is also a marine animal, the Vaquita, or gulf of California porpoise, accustomed to frequenting the gulf of California. Today it is considered to be in danger, in fact there would be a maximum of 200 specimens. Very famous for his fame linked to a cartoon, but which is not helping him save his skin, is the Lemur of Madagascar. It lives only in Madagascar, today the surviving specimens can be counted on the fingers of a dozen people, it seems that the population has decreased especially in recent years in a rather dramatic way.

Victim of poaching, more than of other disasters, is in fact also the Javan rhino of which everyone wants the horn. He lives between China and Vietnam, especially within a protected area ofJava island where he manages to survive for now. There is also the leatherback turtle in the classification of animals at risk even if in theory it should be protected enough.

It is understood that it is not enough but in fact its capture is prohibited even in countries that allow the fishing of other turtles. The fact is that there are other threats: marine pollution, floating plastic bags, in particular, suffocating it. You have certainly heard of the Siberian tiger even if it is a difficult animal to find around, on the one hand because it is rare, but also because it is endemic to a small geographical area located in the extreme south-eastern part of Siberia.

The tenth of the 10 animals at risk of extinction and the Saola, one of the rarest mammals in the world, also known as the Vu Qang ox. He lives in a nature reserve in Laos, his name saola means 'with tapered horns' and the horns are often a reason for poaching and hunting.

10 animals at risk of extinction: Saola

Let's learn more about the rarest and least known animal, the saola. It is a mammal, a bovid that the Hmong natives call the saola saht-supahp, "The discreet animal", introduced into the scientific community only in May 1992, following the discovery in a village in the Annamiti mountains in Vietnam of some pairs of horns belonging to an animal unknown at that time.

We can, observing it, say that it is related to the cow, as well as other lesser known animals, on average it is about 85 cm tall at the withers and weighs 90 kg, has a dark brown coat, with a white stripe running along the back, dark paws with white markings near the hooves, vertical white stripes on the cheeks, above the eyes, on the nose and on the chin.

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