How to choose the barbecue

How to choose the barbecue

How to choose the barbecue: how many types of barbecues exist and which model to buy. Here is a general overview of the types of barbecues available and advice on choosing.

Thebarbecueit is an essential element in the garden: on sunny winter days it heats with its embers and in the summer it can offer truly tasty outdoor lunches! So what are you waiting for? You just have to understandwhich barbecue to buy.

Types of barbecues

It is easy to saybarbecuebut in reality this term can indicate very different devices. Different both in terms of nutrition and structure. Generalizing, we have:

  • Masonry barbecue
  • Suspended barbecue
  • Folding barbecues
  • Portable barbecues
  • Wood-fired barbecues (which are actually real refractory ovens with grills)

Regarding the type of power supply, there are:

  • Electric barbecues
  • Gas barbecue
  • Charcoal / wood barbecue

Somebarbecuethey carry very useful and almost indispensable accessories for cooking. Among the "pluses" to be evaluated are:

  • Lids
  • Screen
  • Ash collector
  • Lighter basket (you can buy it separately for 10 - 20 euros)

Let's see now some tips that can help you understandwhich barbecue to buyaccording to your needs.

How to choose the charcoal barbecue

Thecharcoalallow cookingonly giving a distinctive flavor to the dishes, there are models for every budget from the cheapest to the most popular Weber. They allow different cooking modes (direct and indirect cooking), the Weber barbecue models, as well as the more equipped ones, have a lid that is very useful in cooking food. To understandwhich charcoal barbecue to chooseI suggest you read my articles dedicated to cooking with the bbq and its lighting. Because it is true that charcoal bbqs are very efficient, but it is also true that they are more difficult to manage than aelectric or gas barbecue.

  • How to cook with a charcoal barbecue
  • How to turn on the barbecue

By reading these two guides you will understand that:

  1. Better to choose a barbecue with a lid
  2. Better to choose a barbecue with integrated thermometer so as to monitor the temperature
  3. You will still need to purchase a probe thermometer if you want to cook very double cuts of meat
  4. Better to buy a lighter basket
  5. You will need to buy good quality charcoal
  6. It takes at least 30 minutes to turn it on, so it's less practical than gas or electric bbqs
  7. It needs more maintenance to clean the charcoal brazier

If you are thinking of abrick barbecueor to awood-burning barbecue, you can read the guides dedicated to the wood oven:

  • Wood oven in the garden
  • How to cook with a wood oven
  • How to light a wood oven

How to choose the gas barbecue

Therecharcoal cookingit gives food a strong flavor, typical of the grill, but gas is undoubtedly more practical than coal. It is suitable for those who want abarbecue on the terrace, on the balcony of the condominium (where the fumes are frowned upon) and above all gives shorter waiting times.

In short, agas barbecueit is certainly more practical than a coal one. The cleaning of the grill is facilitated,it does not emit smoke, it is easy to use and often, the most complete models, are related to barsflavoringand comfortable shelves to support food. In this context, there are several assessments to be made on the type of material. We have, in fact:

  • Gas barbecue withlava stone(the stone does not heat up evenly, it is difficult to manage in cooking and to clean ... in any case it can also be used in the charcoal bbq)
  • Gas barbecue with steel diffusers (they have steel heat diffusers with flavoring bars so as to flavor the dishes more)
  • Type of power supply (butane, propane, LPG ...)
  • Gas zones
  • Presence of lid with thermometer
  • Gas barbecue which can also be fed a cabrone

Therelava stoneit can be replaced with a flame retardant ceramic which offers good performance with even heat distribution.

How to choose an electric barbecue

Not to be underestimated ielectric bbqs, really easy to manage and simplify everything: you just need an electrical outlet and you're done! Also in this case there is no production ofsmoke.

There areelectric barbecuewith the classic grill and / or with the plancha, i.e. onecast iron platevery comfortable and that distributes heat evenly. It uses only the direct cooking method even if in the new models they are provided gridsraised that can move food away from the heat source. THE electric bbqsthey are perfect for those who have little space and want to aim for practicality.

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