Sow the lawn in the summer

Sow the lawn in the summer

How to sow the lawn in the summer: how to manage the sowing of the lawn in the months of June, July, August and September. Soil preparation and sowing.

How to sow the lawn in June or July

Sow the lawn in June or July can be disadvantageous: the turf faces stiff competition and has to fight against weeds to populate the soil. The same happens in spring, for this reason, the sowing of the lawn in the final part of summer, would be preferable to the classic sowing of spring. Even in spring, in fact, with the increase in temperatures, the seeds of weeds, already present and dormant in the ground, begin to vegetate and compete with the seeds of the lawn. August and September are the most favorable months for sowing the lawn, precisely because the young plants, once germinated, will not find great competition.

If you are thinking of sow the lawn in July or June, stall for a while and dedicate yourself to preparing the soil: sow the lawn in late summer, that is, between August and September.

Sowing the lawn in summer: soil preparation

The months of August and September are ideal for thesummer sowing of the lawn. Before sowing, you will need to make sure you prepare the soil well.

Work the soil with a deep dig and enrich the soil. If you use manure (only as long as it is very mature), incorporate it with the digging, if you use a specific fertilizer, spread it on the ground already dug. To make it easier to fertilize the soil, use a fertilizer spreader. The ideal would be to use a fertilizer for the lawn NPK type 11-22-16 in the content of 4 kg per 100 square meters.

For the followingfertilizing the lawnI recommend that you consult the calendar in the articleLawn fertilization. You will notice that for each growing season and time, you will need to use a fertilizer with more or less nitrogen. In fact, in summer, the fertilizer to be used for the lawn is low in nitrogen and high in phosphorus and potassium.

The soil, when preparing the bed ofsowing, must be buried 10 cm deep using a pitchfork (ideal for small gardens) or with a milling (ideal for a medium-large seedbed).

During the preparation of the seedbed, with a rake, you will have to make sure to break all the clods and above all remove stones, pieces of roots and various agglomerates. At the end of the preparation, the bed ofsowing the lawnit must be soft, homogeneous and smooth.

How to sow the lawn in the summer

Only after preparing the seedbed will it be possible to carry out the actual seedbedsowing the lawn. cansow the lawnonly if the soil is not too wet. How to sow the lawn?

To have one sowinghomogeneous, use a special seed spreader machine. Alternatively you can broadcast sowing but, in this case, you will have to be very careful not to create areas with a high density of seeds and areas where the seeds are less numerous. Uniformity, at this stage, is your priority!

Once the seeds have been distributed, gently maneuver a rake to cover the lawn seeds and remove the last more compact and coarse elements.

The seed spreader can also be useful in the fertilization phase (you can also use it to spread the fertilizer evenly), not only when preparing the soil but to fertilize the lawn even 20 days after sowing, in autumn and for the following spring. . A good spreader can be bought on Amazon at a price of 47.68 euros and free shipping costs. For all information, I refer you to "Scotts seed spreader page “.You can also find spargisemi at agricultural consortia and garden centers, at the time of purchase, just make sure that the wheels are well made and that the trolley you use to push is high enough not to let your back down!

If you live in a windy area, you can do a light rolling to make the seeds adhere well to the ground. Otherwise you can skip this part.

Two weeks after germination, therefore roughly 20 - 25 days after sowing, you will need to proceed with a second fertilization to support growth, this time the fertilizer must have a high nitrogen content (NPK type 12 - 6 - 18).

When the grass has reached 5 cm, perform a second rolling with dry soil and vegetation. After 4 - 5 days from rolling, you can perform the first lawn mowing. Reduce the height of the lawn from 5 cm to 3 cm.

Those who live in the far north of Italy will have to make the first cut by the first half of September so as not to risk that the lawn may suffer from the arrival of the first autumn colds.

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