Easy fish for marine aquarium (with photo)

Easy fish for marine aquarium (with photo)

A gallery dedicated to those seeking easy fish for marine aquarium, with cards, advice and insights on hardy marine fish to be introduced in the aquarium.

First of all, I tell you that it is wrong to ask questions in style "how many fish can i put in a 200 liter marine aquarium?", Or,"how many fish in 300 liters of marine aquarium?". These questions are absolutely wrong because they do not consider the variables which are:

  • Cut fish.
  • Aggressiveness / temperament / territoriality of fish.
  • Fish needs (some fish, even if small, need a lot of space to swim).
  • Space in the aquarium (between rocks and corals, the space available to fish decreases).
  • Filtering system (if you do not have an excellent skimmer and a good water replacement / filtering system, it is better to introduce a few fish so as not to weigh down the tank).

So, as is clear, you shouldn't be wondering so much about thenumber of fishto be able toinsert in the marine aquarium but inquire about the needs of the specimens you would like to include.

“Easy” and “resistant” marine fish in the aquarium

Another fundamental premise lies in the concept of "resistance". It is true, there are more marine fisheasyto manage and moreresistant, however, it is important not to put a strain on the adaptability of the specimen you are going to introduce into the tank. In this article I bring you the photos and essential information on some of thefish for tropical marine aquariumsimpler to maintain, however remember that all fish have special needs and you will have to meet them ... Nobody requires you to set up a marine aquarium, since it is your free choice, carry it out at best! :) You will certainly get great satisfaction.

Easy fish for marine aquarium

I remind you that the insertion of the fish in the marine aquarium must be done respecting the acclimatization times of each specimen (generally, at least 30 minutes) and must be performed only when the tank is fully mature and the system has completely stabilized. Betweeneasy marine fish to keep, the most loved are the ones that I propose to you in this list.

Clownfish or nemo

The most famous is theclownfishcommon, also known asNemofor the popular animated film Pixar Animation Studios. The speciesAmphiprion ocellarisit can get quite territorial, but nothing prevents you from putting a pair of clowns in your aquarium. In addition to the common clownfish, other species to be evaluated are the black and white clownfish (a selection of the Amphiprion ocellaris species) and the percula clownfish (Amphiprion percula). For the card and all the information on these animals, I point out:clownfish or nemo.

Note: if the clownfish is easy to maintain, the anemone (the filter animal with which it establishes a symbiosis) is not at all as it can wander in the tank and occupy unwanted portions of the aquarium and annoy other animals (corals and fish). For more information: anemones in the aquarium.

Pseudochromis fridmani

It is a relatively peaceful fish, nothing to do with the more territorial and aggressive onePseudochromis paccagnellae. It is small in size and unlike more shy fish, once it has adapted to your tank, it will not be afraid to swim fearlessly, even near the surface of the water.

It is appreciated for its bright purple color, it is a rather resistant fish and easy to keep in the aquarium. It should not be inserted with other specimens of the genus Pseudochromis.

Chromis Virdis

It is considered thefishmoreeasyto keep inaquarium. On the market you can find two colors, green (as in the photo at the beginning of the page) and blue. Occasionally you can find rarer specimens of different colors. These fish can also adapt well to the nanoreef of a few liters. For larger aquariums, you can consider inserting several to make a small flock that moves as a group creating spectacular movement in the tank.

Gramma Loreto or Royal Gramma

If you like the idea of ​​the school of fish living and swimming together, you should also evaluate the Gramma Loreto. Also known asRoyal Gramma(Gramma Reale), the Gramma Loreto is a peaceful and calm fish, appreciated for its double colored body (purple and yellow).

The Royal Gramma should not be inserted in the tank with the aforementioned Pseudochromis paccagnellae. For the card and the needs of thisfish for marine aquariumI refer you to the dedicated page: Gramma Loreto.


These are very useful fish in the aquarium but extremely underestimated: not everyone is able to appreciate them. There are some blennies that, in my opinion, deserve a place of honor in the aquarium. These are excellentfishesresistanteven in the case of an aquarium in the process ofpreparation. Among the recommended species I point out: Ecsenius midas (in the photo below) and Ecsenius bicolor (bi-colored blenny).

They are not fish that move the aquarium, they are very peaceful, they only move to eat and clean the aquarium of algae. For every information,cards, and photos, here is the dedicated page: Ecsenius bicolor and Ecsenius Midas.

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