How to cast with a fishing rod

How to cast with a fishing rod

How to cast with a fishing rod: advice onhow to use a fishing rod with reelto fish from the beach, from the rocks, by boat or from a pier.

Thecastingit can be extremely complicated for those who experience the first experiences offishing with reel rod.

How to use a fishing rod with reel

Offishing equipmentthere are many but for theshore fishing(which is practiced on the beach, from a quay or from the rocks ...) just onecane, a mounted fishing line and a small worm (bait). Who already has onefishing rod with reelcan use this!

A reel should be equipped withnylon thread, a monofilament of 0.30 mm in diameter is recommended for beginners because it is easier to manage and above all on a reel it will be possible to wind 200 meters of line, perfect for any type of fishing (even from a boat!).

Not everyone knows, but to use onefishing poleTwo types of nylon monofilaments are required, the first is tied to the reel (the main line) and the other is the so-calledfinal line.

The hooks and various weights and floats, specific for the type of fishing, must be mounted on the final line. For the final line, you will need to choose a thinner type of thread than the one chosen for the main line.

To the final line you will need to add a hook, there are many on the market, to start a hook 14 with a long shank that is well suited to a "non-specific" fishing (therefore it is a multipurpose hook) will do very well. Beginners should also buy a disgorger, that is a tool that will help you detach the fish from the hook once it has been pulled.

To connect the main line to the final line, the hook to the final line, you will need swivels, 3 simple swivels and 1 swivel with carabiner to put at the end of the final line.

Finally, betweenbasic fishing equipment, you will need leads, floats and lures (you can also combine artificial lures with live baits). Having clarified what you need, let's see immediatelyhow to cast the line with a reel fishing rod.

How to cast with a fishing rod

Know that the ease of casting depends not only on your skills but also on yoursfishing pole. There are an infinite number of models, surely in the shop they will have recommended a multipurpose fishing rod, even better if in carbon fiber and with a good length (fishing rods that are too short are not suitable for float fishing and those that are too long become difficult to manage).

In this guide I will explain how thecastingof a reel fishing rod, however, when you are on the beach or dock, look around and observe the movement performed by those who are more experienced than you. You can learn a lot simply by observing those around you!

For the first attempts, choose a day with little wind and block the reel, so as to simulate only the movement of the launch…. better if you make the first attempts with the reel closed otherwise the risk that the line will knot on itself is high!

After trying the classic casting movement several times (with the reel locked), when you are familiar with your fishing rod and its size, you can try thelaunchreal.

How to cast with the fishing rod?Unlock the reel and carefully stop the line with the index finger of your right hand. With his left hand, he ensures the opening of the bow.

Bring the rod back while holding the reel upwards, when bringing the fishing rod back, your right hand must reach you approximately at the level of your forehead. At the same time, the left hand grasps the lower handle of thefishing pole. Keep in mind that the grip must be firm.

The movement of the throw is not only given by the power of your arms but is also accompanied by the movement of the body. With a whiplash, bring your right hand forward until your arm is fully extended, at the same time, with your left hand, accompany the handle of the fishing rod towards the lower part of your chest.

This is just the movement of thelaunchBut that is not all. When the tip of the fishing rod is pointing towards the sky and is rotating to point towards the water, you will have to lift your index finger and let the line of the reel.

You will understand that it is a series of movements that must occur in a well-synchronized way. Even if it seems stupid to you to have to trycast the fishing rod linewithreelstuck, I advise you to start just like that, just performing the movements.

Here's a video that can help you figure out the right throwing motions.

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Video: Basic Guide to Casting - Terry Edmonds, Nash Tackle (October 2021).