Sensitive data: what they are

Sensitive data: what they are

Of sensitive data today we talk about it every day, on the one hand it is a good thing, since it has not been done for a long time in a way that is understandable to all and effective, but on the other hand there is the danger of confusion. The danger that there are fake news on sensitive data, false alarms or unspoken truths. Without riding on the news, let's take a step back to the basics. Sometimes it can help to understand better and to notice things that, in the confusion of the shouted titles, is likely to escape.

Sensitive data: what they are

THE sensitive data is personal data but not all personal data is also sensitive. In general, the information that identifies or makes identifiable a natural person is personal, which describes its characteristics with lots of details, habits, lifestyle but also the people he loves to hang out with. Information about a person's health is also personal data, just like information about the economic situation.

We can distinguish from sensitive data those identifiers which are purely data for direct identification, personal data and some images. Judicial data are also personal data which reveal whether a certain person has been involved or is involved in judicial measures subject to registration in the criminal record.

There are for example some criminal convictions definitive, or a person can be free but on bail, or if he has an obligation to stay or has been sentenced to alternative measures to detention.

Let's see now what i sensitive data. These are the information that, from the website of the Privacy Guarantor, "they can reveal racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, membership of parties, trade unions, associations or organizations of a religious, philosophical, political or trade union nature, the state of health and sexual life ". These are, by definition, at least in Italy, sensitive data.

Sensitive data not to be published on Facebook

Speak about sensitive data without going into the merits of their sharing on social networks it makes no sense today, also because the big fuss has sprung up precisely for this reason. Before, the fear of communicating their sensitive data was not so strong: who on earth would we have to tell them without realizing that we were potentially getting into trouble. New technologies have caused many to think about the importance of data, to their value and to the management that each one does especially of sensitive ones.

Beyond the definition of sensitive, official, there are also some data that it is better not to share on Facebook, for practical or expedient reasons. Here are some examples. Better not to put your phone number, and we also disable the geolocation, so that at any time Facebook or whoever it is knows where we are, the places we frequent and our even minimal movements.

Photos can also be sensitive data or contain them, sometimes even the most harmless shots risk revealing things that we don't intend to tell about ourselves. For example one even partial image of our ticket for the Sunda islands, for Bali, to share the joy of being there to leave, it can be the channel from which sensitive data escapes.

For Facebook, and social networks in general, a separate discussion must be made on children that, in general, they are sensitive subjects, therefore everything that concerns them is a sensitive data. What is often recommended, therefore, even if everyone is free to decide, is to avoid posting photos of children. Maybe they bring a lot of likes but, in addition to exposing them to a risk, violate their privacy and maybe when they grow up they won't be so thrilled to see hundreds of their photos online with funny baby, teen, pre-teen features.

Often there is the temptation to tell on social media what is being done in everyday life, thinking it's not that important even though everyone knows it. On the contrary, it is precisely from these small ones practical and concrete information that we can get to build our agenda and possibly harm ourselves. Or control us.

For the kids, let's avoid saying where they go to school or dance or football and what time they come home, at least! Many adults have realized that it is better for them too block the Gps and disable the smartphone's geolocation services, let alone if you shouldn't avoid publishing information that allows you to trace or access your finances. Therefore, no photos of credit cards or bills, or boarding passes.

Sensitive data and privacy

The more personal and sensitive data we share, more puzzle pieces we provide to those who want to steal information about us to misuse it. In general, therefore, if you do not need to give personal data, we avoid, so that they cannot be identified in a univocal and exaggerated way. Even just as a precaution, birthday, marital status, telephone numbers… only if necessary! Even just to avoid being tortured by call centers

Sensitive data processing

A big news regarding sensitive data is the entry into force of the GDPR. A topic that should be explored by giving the floor to an expert with Alberto Pattono, author of the book ""GDPR. The bare essentials for SMEs: What do small businesses really have to do to comply with the European regulation for the protection of personal data ". There are also materials online, it is a theme that it does not only concern companies, on the contrary, it concerns above all us ordinary citizens.

Still talking about the processing of sensitive data, it is better to deepen the biometrics and the various applications of Digital health existing and upcoming.

Sensitive data: protection

Each of us has, by law, as an individual, the right to the protection of their personal data. It is not my opinion or a vision of the world, a position, it is a fundamental right of the individual protected by the Code on personal data protection (Legislative Decree 20 June 2003, n.196). There are also Italian and international regulatory acts to increase the dose. The fact is that oEach individual can expect their personal data to be processed by third parties only in compliance with the rules and principles established by law.

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