Glorious, plant and flower

Glorious, plant and flower

Glorious, plant and flower: how to cultivate the glorious (care, needs, multiplication, tubers ...) and where to find the plant or seeds. From the glorious superb to the glorious simplex.

Glorious, plant

Gloriosa is a genus of plants native to South Africa and southern Asia. At the most well-stocked nurseries, you can find thegloriousin two species: theSuperb gloriousand the Gloriosa simplex.

The Gloriosa superba is characterized by orange-red flowers while theglorious simplexit has orange flowers that fade towards yellow. The care to be dedicated to these two species is the same and what has been said about the multiplication, cultivation and flowering of the gloriosa superba also applies to the gloriosa simplex species and to all the cultivars obtained.

Thisplantdevelops from atuber(yes, not from bulbs!) and produces a large number of flowers. It cancultivatein the house where it acts from evergreen plantcreating a fascinating green space.

Glorious, flowers and flowering

Both when it comes toglorious superbthan when it comes to the speciesglorious simplex, thefloweringcoincides with the rise in temperatures typical of spring. The plant begins to bloom in the spring and thefloweringit lasts all summer, in favorable conditions it can continue until autumn.

THEflowersthey develop from bell-shaped green buds and have a particularity that make them appreciated: as the flowering continues the inflorescences tend to curl and the petals take on the typical color of the species (orange-yellow for theglorious simplex, fuchsia yellow for the derived varieties, red orange for the superb glorious species…).

Glorious, cultivation and care

We recommend growing in pots, even better if at home: the plant behaves like an evergreen when temperatures never drop below 15 ° C and, ideally, do not exceed 22 ° C. The plant tolerates heat but blooms are shorter.

Where to grow it? Find a bright spot but not in full sun. The plant needs a support or brace because with its slender branches it tends toto climband create long flowering areas. Only in winter can the plant be moved to full sun.

If you live in southern Italy, you can trycultivate the gloriousoutside, in the garden. You can plant the gloriosa at the foot of a stripping tree to provide shade in summer and light and sunlight in winter.

How to cultivate the glorious, abundant flowering plant

The plant needs abundant irrigation starting from the release of the buds. From spring onwards, the ground must never be dry. At the end of flowering, irrigate less and less frequently and stop any administration of water in autumn, when the aerial part will begin to dry out.

From spring until the end of flowering, we recommend adding liquid fertilizer for flowering plants. When? This plant, if kept in pots, becomes very demanding: fertilize twice a week, at the same time as irrigation. If grown outdoors, you can fertilize every 15 days.

At home, when the air is excessively dry, you can spray the foliage: it is a tropical plant and is used to living in humid environments.

Glorious, pruning of the plant

The glorious must not be pruned. The only trick is to eliminate damaged flowers, dry or diseased shoots. Always use well-sharpened scissors and make a clean cut to avoid the onset of diseases.

Tubers of gloriosa

Multiplication occurs from the tubers or from the seed. If you have tubers, you just need to plant them at a depth of about 5 cm. The ideal period falls in spring, in the month of March. Use well-drained, light soil. If a tuber has more shoots, you can cut it and perform a simple multiplication like you would with a potato: divide the tuber and bury the two portions separately. Before planting the cut gloriosa tubers, dry the cut surface well to avoid the risk of rotting.

Vase size for the superb glorious or glorious simplex

In a 20 cm diameter pot you can plant three tubers, as long as the depth of the pot allows it. Depth is an important dimension when it comes totuber plants: the pot must be at least 30 cm deep.

Seeds of glorious

Seeds and tubers of gloriosa can be purchased at garden centers, specialized nurseries or by taking advantage of the online purchase. TOthis Amazon pageyou can find seeds and tubers of gloriosa superba but also of other species or varieties with very characteristic flowers. In any case, we remind you that it is oneclimbing plant(glorious climbing), for this reason it always needs a brace, even if kept at home.

If the glorious climber is not enough and you are looking for other flowering plants that can thrive vertically, we refer you to the page: climbing plants with flowers.

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