Bouganvilla, multiplication and cures

Bouganvilla, multiplication and cures

Bougainvillea, multiplication and cures: when to reproduce the bougainvillea and how to do the cutting or reproduction by seed. Ideal period and how to do it.

In this guide I will explain how and when to perform thereproduction of bougainvillea.

When to reproduce bougainvillea

In the southernmost areas of Italy, with a mild climate, themultiplication of bougainvilleait runs from the beginning of February. Those who live in the Center-South will have to wait for the beginning of spring. The green light for the multiplication of bougainvillea, for those who live in the north of Italy, arrives between April and May.

Bougainvillea cutting, how to do it

How to do?Easy, in the indicated period, based on your geographical area, you will have to withdraw onecutting(a branch with buds, which is starting to bloom) and root it in a substrate to be kept moist. Ideally you should use a rooting substrate given by a mixture, in equal parts, of peat and sand. The substrate will need to be kept moist and watered every day.

Bouganville, do it yourself multiplication

Here are some quick directions that will allow you toreproduce the bougainvillea by cuttings:

  • Pick a young branch of 15 cm.
  • Remove the basal leaves.
  • Use a 7cm diameter pot and fill it with a mixture (50%) of sand and peat.
  • Bury 2/3 the cutting in the substrate.
  • Keep the substrate moist.
  • To increase the speed and rooting possibilities, use a rooting product, a powdered plant stimulant.

Hopefully, thebougainvillea cuttingit will have to root within four weeks. The cutting should not be kept in full sun but in a very bright environment.

Rooting of bougainvillea cutting

To increase the chances of your taking root bougainvillea cuttingyou can use a phytostimulating substance, better known as "rooting hormone". It is a substance that can help root formation.

Buy a powder for semi-woody cutting: you can find it in nurseries, garden centers or agricultural consortia, you can also find it by taking advantage of the online purchase. TO this Amazon page you can find a plant stimulant product (rooting hormone) at the price of 9.73 euros. How to use? The use is the same for any powdered product: moisten the first centimeters at the base of your cutting and immerse them in the rooting hormone powder. Once this is done, put to root thebougainvillea cuttingin the substrate (peat and sand). In fact, if you already have universal potting soil in your house, fertile soil, you can use that even if rooting will be more risky andcuttingmore exposed to rot.

For more info on themultiplication of bougainvillea by cuttingI refer you to the guide: how to multiply bougainvillea.

Bougainvillea seeds

THE bougainvillea seedsthey develop in the pods. They are small, rounded, wrinkled and black. You can collect thebougainvillea seedswhen the pods are ripe, but before they open, they drop the contents.

There are seeds of different varieties of bougainvillea on the market. Also in this case I advise you to contact specialized nurseries or online sales: at "this Amazon page”You can find a long selection of bougainvillea seeds, even of unusual colors.

When to sow bougainvillea?

Therereproduction by seedit is possible and you will have to work indoors, or outdoors but you will have to wait when the temperatures do not drop below 18 ° C. You will need to sow on soft soil (sowing soil). If you use universal soil, before sowing, I recommend that you sift it.

The roots produced from the seed are very delicate and handled with extreme caution. As a precaution, avoid sowing in the open field. Sow in a seedbed and then transfer to a small pot. Only when the roots of the plant have developed well can you move the plant to its final home.

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