Activated Zeolite: benefits, where to buy it and dosage

Activated Zeolite: benefits, where to buy it and dosage

There Activated Zeolite is a natural supplement derived from a mineral of volcanic origin, zeolite, characterized by a regular and microporous crystalline structure.

Activated Zeolite: Benefits

Activated zeolite is used as a food supplement above all for its purifying and antioxidant properties. It is in fact able to absorb toxins and heavy metals present in our body, helping us to expel them through the feces with benefits for our intestines and our liver.

At the same time, the activated zeolite neutralizes free radicals and contributes to the physiological balance thanks to its alkalizing effect.

Activated zeolite also helps improve the health of our skin by relieving acne, dermatitis and eczema.

Recent recent studies have shown how zeolite is able to reduce physiological stress, strengthening the defenses of the immune system.

Activated Zeolite in capsules

The simplest way to take activated zeolite is through practical capsules, comfortable to take on the road and pre-dosed.

The zeolite capsules open when they reach the middle of our digestive tract, ensuring the ideal therapeutic effect.

Activated Zeolite: posology

Our advice is to take one capsule one to three times a day with a large glass of water.

The intake of water throughout the day (the ideal would be about 1 and a half liters) is particularly important to compensate for the absorbing power of the activated zeolite.

Activated Zeolite: where to buy it

Activated zeolite can be purchased at a pharmacy or herbalist's shop but our advice to save money without sacrificing quality is to order it online on a site like Amazon where all products are verified and can be returned in case you are not satisfied. Here is the link you can visit.

Zeolite: properties

From a chemical point of view, zeolite has a structural framework based on aluminosilicate and cations trapped inside a cage cavity that allows it to absorb heavy metals harmful to our body such as lead, cadmium, chlorine and mercury like a sponge).

Clinoptilolite-Zeolite is used in the medical field, a crystalline form of Zeolite, characterized by a negative charge, which allows it to bind with positively charged harmful substances, expelling them from our body.

Zeolite: to whom it is indicated

The intake of zeolite is suitable for different categories of people:

  • to those who practice physical activity, as it helps to dispose of lactic acid and shortens recovery times
  • to those who live in polluted environments and breathe air containing heavy metals (it frequently happens to those who live in large cities)
  • for those suffering from poor digestion or to remedy an unregulated diet or one characterized by an excess of sugars and starchy foods.
  • to those who feel tired

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