Sunspots: skin and face

Sunspots: skin and face

Sunspots, spots that can appear on the skin with the sun, sometimes surprisingly but not without a cause. The reasons for the appearance of these Sunspots they can be trivial as serious, better investigate before worrying about anything and before choosing remedies that may not be the ones for us.

Sunspots: skin

These spots are by no means uncommon find yourself on the skin, for this, looking online you will find advice and remedies of all kinds or almost. The most annoying case is that it prompts many of us to seek remedies, is that of sunspots on the face, because they can really be a something anti-aesthetic.

It is important, beyond the aesthetic side, investigate the causes of the presence of sunspotsi wherever they are to ascertain that it is not one of the many symptoms of a larger problem and that it is not just a blemish.

Sunspots: face

In summer, with the sun very often on the face, the Sunspots they appear easily and are bothersome. The causes can be different. Sometimes these spots are one simple consequence of hormonal changes or inflammatory states.

When we have these kinds of problems and our skin is exposed to the sun, they can arise discoloration of the epidermis. Sometimes, fortunately, they last only a few days, and then pass by themselves, but other times they remain. Before spreading ointments and creams on your face, however, let's try to see if ours are temporary sunspots, "Hit and run".

Sunspots: remedies

There are many remedies to make it disappear or for reduce sunspots, whether they appear on the face or appear on other, less uncomfortable parts of the body. It is important, before worrying about make them disappear, understanding why they exist.

There are many types of substances that once did apply and leave act for at least 15 minutes, give good results without being invasive e stress the skin. Even those with intolerances or very delicate skin can take advantage of these natural remedies without worrying.

The lemon juice, applied and left to act for a few minutes, it has an anti-inflammatory power and for those who want to reduce its acidity, there is the possibility of mixing it with rose water. You can also make compresses with cornstarch, warm water and lemon juice, or apply the sodium bicarbonate. There are those who prefer to rely on the sunspots aloe vera gel or essential oils and in this case the recommended ones are those of celery and carrot or rosehip.

White sunspots

It's the white ones are rarer, especially compared to black women. White sunspots are whiteflies, one could almost say, and often they are linked to constitutional factors. They are rarer but also more difficult to stem, indeed, they tend to spread and spread to various parts of the body, not so much on the face but especially on the neck, shoulders, arms and back.

White sunspots are mainly one consequence of the drop in melatonin but there are also times when the cause is the presence of a sea mushroom that appears thereExcessive sweating on occasions of humid heat or decreasing immune defenses, for various reasons.

The most "popular" dark spots appear when we expose our skin to the sun and may derive from hormonal changes and inflammatory states, as mentioned in the previous paragraphs, but also from the use of drugs or photosensitizing supplements

Sunspots: sun cream

This protective face cream has an action against both sunspots and against wrinkles, is of excellent brand and costs 10 euros on Amazon. It is one of the best on the market but there is a great variety and it is possible to try different types to see if it is better for us an oil, a cream, a lotion.

It is important, beyond tastes, to choose specific creams that act on the problem and not in general, moisturizing the skin. The use of sun creams is associated with a series of precautions that can help us make sunspots disappear. Better for example avoid being too much in the sun and never without protection.

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