How to reduce air pollution

How to reduce air pollution

How to reduce air pollution: from reporting environmental crimes to good habits that can reduce environmental pollution.

In recent years, several Italian cities have constantly sounded the alarm smog. Urban traffic favors the accumulation of pollutants and fine dust in the air and those affected are mainly the inhabitants of the city center.

To reduce the pollution atmospheric is necessary to promote a better quality of life and preserve the health of the environment. Unfortunately, every year we find ourselves facing problems related to Polluting emissions.

Faced with these problems, already in 2016, Rossella Muroni, president of Legambiente, stated that it was necessary to take the right permanent and structural measures to be able to achieve environmental stability and improve the state of the air.

How to reduce air pollution

It is Legambiente itself that proposes specific advice that would lead to a significant reduction in atmospheric pollution. What are the tips for lowering environmental pollution? Here are those proposed by the environmental association.

Create a city network that crosses cities by promoting cycling

There are several European cities that have chosen to promote cycling areas, in order to lead the inhabitants to prefer the use of bicycles to that of the car. This is only possible if a network is created that can cross a large part of the city. In addition, many European capitals also provide special spaces to take the bike with you on the metro, to reach the most distant and less accessible areas. By promoting cycling it is possible to lead people to abandon the use of cars, thus avoiding the creation of excessive traffic and an increase in CO2 emissions into the air due to car exhaust.

Public or private means of transport with zero impact on the environment

Thanks to some technological innovations of various kinds it is possible to be able to move around the cities even using public or private transport with zero impact. Certainly, giving incentives for electric and hybrid cars that do not generate polluting exhaust gases is necessary to reduce air pollution. In addition, we should also invest in hybrid electrically driven public transport vehicles, such as buses that do not pollute the environment. According to Legambiente, in addition to electric buses, investments should also be made in bio-methane ones and in the expansion of metro lines.

Create restricted traffic areas for private vehicles

Many use the machine for even the smallest errands. As already implemented in various European cities, limited traffic areas have been created to promote the purchase of Euro Six cars, with low environmental impact or hybrid cars. These limited traffic areas do not allow access to the city or the city center, to polluting cars and private vehicles.

Increase the price of parking in the hourly stop

To limit the use of cars in built-up areas and favor that of zero-impact vehicles, an urban toll area should be created, with different rates. By applying a higher hourly rate to those who own and park a polluting car, it would allow the municipality to invest the money earned in forms of sustainable mobility.

Requalification of private and public buildings

In addition to reducing car emissions, one should also think about the requalification of both private and public buildings. In order to reduce the energy consumption of homes, offices and commercial activities, according to Legambiente, about 400,000 interventions per year should be carried out.

Furthermore, among Legambiente's proposals, there is a specific advice for private and public buildings: use heating means that do not involve the use of fossil fuels.

By avoiding the use of fossil fuels, with the exception of methane, the heating of buildings could be encouraged through the use of technologies that improve efficiency and reduce the emission of old systems. Furthermore, it should be verified that, as required by law, checks on boilers and emissions are conducted annually, creating a more stringent sanctioning system.

Report environmental crimes

Reporting environmental crimes can also make a difference. From illegal discharges to the presence of asbestos, from building abuses to illegal landfills. For every information:

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