Rosehip: properties and benefits

Rosehip: properties and benefits

Rosehip, through herbal tea or oil, or as a basic ingredient of a supplement, it is an excellent remedy against various ailments. If we take it orally, it is better to exceed the recommended dosage, the teas are softer and prevent fatigue while if we want this false fruit to help us have beautiful skin, it is better to focus on dall oilsAnti-oxidant action perfect for improving elasticity and tone.

Rosehip: properties

It looks like a fruit but it is not, it is in fact considered a false fruit because it derives from floral structures other than the ovary. IS fleshy, it derives from the receptacle which, when enlarged, forms a cup containing achenes. The latter are to be considered the real fruits of this species, they are often yellowish or even brown and they can also be covered in fluff.

In terms of size, color and shape, however, it is difficult to define a standard, in fact there are many different species of rose hip and each has very original characteristics. There are specimens green, others orange, red and still others black or blue. Form passes from being elongated upon appearing spherical, the quills that cover the external part are sometimes thin, other times more robust.

Rosehip: vitamin C

One of the most appreciated properties of this false fruit is its own high content of vitamin C. Reason why the rosehip oil tea. If you take it for a month and a half, every day, you find yourself with more energy and it is thanks to the vitamin C it contains, as well as the anti-oxidants and fatty acids.

Another vitamin present and which is useful when the rosehip is used for skin health, is the vitamin A. It is valuable in case of dry and flaking skin because it improves the level of skin hydration.

Rosehip rosehip

Among the various types of rosehip, we often find that of rose hips that is used for food supplements suitable for those with a deficiency of C vitamin. It is often in the form of a powder, produced with the pulp and seeds of the rosehip berry, which is particularly rich in C vitamin.

A product like this supplement rose hip helps in normal collagen formation and normal cartilage function, a pack of 60 capsules costs 20 euros and can also be recommended for those suffering from back pain.

Rosehip: benefits

Many benefits of the Rosehip are related to the skin and if you want to check them, just get a bottle of this oil suitable for all skin types. It improves elasticity, promotes cell regeneration therefore there are those who use it to age gently but also those who apply it on scars and dry skin areas. IS' an oil of 100% pure Rosehip, also suitable for hair, a 120 ml pack costs less than 40 euros.

Rosehip: oil

Other benefits always related tooil affect stretch marks because this substance is able to stimulate the production of collagen and also to counteract the first signs of aging. The oil can also be used for mitigate discoloration, because it helps improve pigmentation and skin tone e reduces redness of irritated skin.

It can be used without fear too on children's skin when it is red.

On the hair the oil of rosehip has a revitalizing effect, it is used to make compresses that reduce dehydration or frizz e prevent peeling.

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