How to choose the iron

How to choose the iron

How to choose the iron with or without boiler. A guide for choosing the best iron according to your needs. From ceramic plate to that in steel. Tips and tips for spending well!

In choosing thebest ironmany factors must be considered because there are so many models and types on the market. On this page I will tell you the factors to be evaluated forchoose a good iron.

How to choose the iron with boiler

Thedifferencesbetweeniron with or without boilerthey are a lot. In this paragraphs I will tell youadvantages and disadvantages. The steam generator iron has these advantages:

  • A lighter iron
  • Long water autonomy
  • Good steam delivery

The disadvantages are: it is generally more expensive, less freedom of movement, more space when storing the appliance and a noisier iron.

Anyone who wants to iron shirts and clothes with minimal effort should go for the iron with boiler. The reason? The greater quantity of steam delivered facilitates the stretching of the textile fibers in contact with the hot plate. In practice, the work becomes easier.

For an overview of pricing and models, I invite you to visit the Amazon product page. Find pictures, opinions and prices at "this address".

How to choose? In addition to the price and capacity of the boiler tank, take a look at the performance in terms of pressure. How to evaluate it? Follow this rating chart.

  • Pressure 3.5 bar
    With continuous delivery of 50 g / min and a shot of steam below 200 g / min.It is a discreet model. To be bought only if the price is really affordable.
  • Pressure 5 bar
    With continuous delivery of 70 - 100 g min and 200 - 300 g steam boost.It is a model with good characteristics.
  • Pressure 7 bar
    With continuous delivery 120 - 130 g / min and 500 g / m of steam boost.This is a model with excellent characteristics! Perfect for anyone looking for aprofessional iron.

For theplates, I refer you to the appropriate paragraph.

How to choose an iron without a boiler

The iron without boiler has a more compact body, is undoubtedly easier to store (not cluttered) and has an internal tank that makes it quieter and faster to use. It is more practical to store but it is not without its drawbacks.

It has autonomy-in terms of water-lower and for this reason, the water must often be topped up. It is not suitable for those who intend to perform long ironing sessions. The capacity of the internal tank can vary and goes from 300 ml up to exceed 1 lt.

Another disadvantage: the steam delivered is generally lower than that supplied by airon with boilerso even the work becomes more demanding. Another disadvantage is the greater weight linked to the presence of the internal tank.

To maximize the benefits of theiron without boilerthere are modelscordless, that iswireless irons. These have a support base and offer maximum freedom of movement. Often, the cordless models are sold with travel cases to emphasize the practicality of the instrument.

On "this Amazon page" you can find many models of iron without boiler and cordless. For the choice, I also recommend you to see the quality of the plate.

How to choose an iron: ceramic plate, Teflon, steel ...

Another factor to consider is the material of the plates. On the market you can find irons with ceramic plates, aluminum, Teflon and steel.

The steel plate is very resistant, cleans well and guarantees a good working fluidity. It has a limit, that is, it does not provide good precision but this limit can be overcome by choosing shapes with homogeneous and well distributed steam holes.

The Teflon plate, like the steel one, distributes heat flawlessly. However, Teflon is less resistant than steel. Its strong point is the extreme smoothness that make it more practical. It is also necessary to pay some extra attention in cleaning.

The ceramic soleplate is suitable for the most delicate items. It has good accuracy but is not as strong as the materials listed above.

The aluminum plate offers good accuracy and is a great compromise for those who are undecided betweeniron with ceramic or steel plate. It is firmer than ceramic and also more delicate than steel.

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