Low back pain, natural remedies and targeted exercises

Low back pain, natural remedies and targeted exercises

Low back pain, natural remedies: remedies and targeted exercises that can relieve low back pain without having to resort to the use of painkillers. Useful tips to prevent the disorder.

Low back pain is the most common ailment in the world, statistics say that eight out of ten people have suffered from some form of low back pain. This pathology can affect both men and women but especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle or, on the contrary, do too much sport or inadequate effort.

Low back pain affects the lower back; in particular, the pain extends to the lumbar and sacral tracts of the spine, in some cases also affecting the dorsal area, buttocks and legs. In this case we speak of lumbosciatalgia. If it does not take an acute form, low back pain can be managed without special interventions, although medical consultation is always preferable. In any case, it is vitally important to trace the triggering cause so as to relieve back pain and restore family or work affairs.

Low back pain, natural remedies

In general, the therapy involves the use of anti-inflammatory and painkilling drugs associated with targeted treatments such as postural gymnastics, physiotherapy: tens, tecar, iontophoresis or laser therapy. After the acute phase of pain, it is good to perform some exercises regularly to prevent the disease from recurring. You can start with a little aerobic exercise: walks, breathing exercises, postural exercises are fine

Low back pain, treatments to relieve low back pain at home

However, there are effective remedies, which can be taken into consideration especially in terms of prevention. In addition to drug therapy, we can perform adequate gymnastics at home, which allows to alleviate, at least in part, the problem. take note

1. Ball massage

This exercise is very simple; just lie down on a flat surface, place a not too large rubber ball (maximum 5 cm) under the buttocks and make slow and deep movements from side to side. To massage more parts of the body, it is good to change position and repeat the same exercise positioning yourself more sideways. This massage is used to treat the buttock area, an area that is constantly subjected to tension due to poor posture and sitting for too long.

2. Lumbar massage with stick

To do this exercise you need a stick long enough to cover the full width of the shoulders. A broom can also work. This exercise consists in sliding the stick slowly along the entire spine from top to bottom. Then concentrate all your strength on one side, from the inside out, then move on to the other side. Thanks to this exercise, it is possible to relax the back muscles.

Please note: carry out the massage with intensity; the stick must exert more pressure than simply using the hands.

3. Psoas position and position of the sphinx

To relieve pain, specific relaxation and stretching techniques can be performed, as well as postural education. This is the case of the psoas position and the position of the sphinx. In the first case, just lie down on the ground on your back then lift and place your legs and lift them on a chair

To perform the second position just lie down on the floor on your stomach then lift your head with your back keeping your hands and arms resting on the ground and leveraging your elbows.

Low back pain, most useful exercise in case of acute pain

This exercise can also be practiced in bed, it consists in bringing the legs to the chest while curling up. The so-called "fetal" position is the most indicated in all cases of acute low back pain.

Low back pain, pain relief pillow

In addition to following the exercises just provided, we can also buy an orthopedic seat cushion with a special gel layer, also on Amazon for 34.90 euros with free shipping costs. Those who bought it found a decrease in pain.

This device is equipped with a non-slip base and a central memory foam core capable of supporting the lumbar area and thus helping us to assume a correct posture. The lumbar pillow is recommended for sciatica pain and to correct lumbar alignment, it can also be worn on the road, in the car, in the office or on the classic armchair. For all information on the product mentioned, we refer you directly to "Amazon page dedicated to the lumbar pillow “.

We have reported this product because it has many positive reviews and the majority of users who have had the opportunity to try it firsthand reported a reduction in back pain. In any case, always make your evaluations before purchasing.

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