How to grow okra or okra

How to grow okra or okra

How to grow okra: from sowing to harvest. Instructions for growing okra (okra) in pots or in the vegetable garden. Where to buy the seeds or the plant.

Okra or okra, characteristics of the plant

Its botanical name is Abelmoschus esculentus, it is a plant native to tropical Africa and, in our country, it is known by several names:okra, gombault, okra or ocher. In markets that offer exotic foods, it is imported from Brazil (it is grown in all hot countries) and labeled with the name ofquiabo.

The plant is oneclose relativeof the hibiscus, in fact its flower, the one that produces theokrathat we consume in the kitchen, is very similar to hibiscus flowers. The image of the okra flower is shown in the photo below.

In the first photo above, one is shownokra plant. Okra fruits are widely used in cooking as a vegetable and are well suited for many recipes. Okra in cooking is widely used in the Bulgarian food and wine tradition, in Brazilian cuisine, in Japanese, Filipino, Romanian, Ghanaian and Bosnian cuisine. In Japan, in many districts, dashii broth is made with Shiitake mushrooms and okra!

Not only the fruit, not everyone knows that even theokra leavesthey are edible. They can be cooked in the same way as you would with chard and spinach. Theokra leaves more tender, they can be eaten raw, to be added to salads.

When to sow okra?
For the sowing of okra it will be necessary to wait for the warmth of spring. Let's now see all the details onhow to grow okra or okra.

How to grow okra or okra

Theokra crops in Italythey are all concentrated in the South, in particular in Sicily and Calabria, where the climate is milder. In fact, to vegetate well and get to the production ofelbows(fruits), theplantit needs temperatures includedat leastbetween 22 and 25 ° C.

The fruits are delicate and cannot resist sudden cold returns. For this reason, it is recommendedsow okrain late spring in the north and mid-spring in the south, thus, when the plants have developed, the temperatures will allow the production of fruits.

Crop cycle: spring - summer.

Spring germination can be more successful if done in a protected environment. Excessive rainfall can impair seed development.

How to sow okra?
Just use soft soil where you can superficially bury theokra seedsand wait for the germination times. You can use biodegradable jars and, when the plant has produced 3 - 4 leaves, arrange for the final planting, in the garden or in pots.

How many seeds per jar?
If you use small pots or honeycomb containers, add 3 - 4 seeds to each cell and bring the most vigorous plant forward. Arrange the cellular containers or vases in an environment with a temperature that never drops below 20 °.

When to plant okra?
Sowingin a protected environment it allows to plant already developed seedlings. The transplant, however, must take place when the minimum external temperatures never fall below 16 ° C.

When to sow in the garden? The period of sowing
If you want to sow directly in the garden, you will have to wait until period more suitable than spring. You can proceed, in the south, towards the end of March and beginning of April and, in the north, towards the end of April, beginning of May (when the frosts are over).

L'okrait can be grown on soils of different composition but, in the case of cultivation in pots, choose a loose medium-textured soil where it will be able to produce more fruit.

How to plant okra

Theredistanceto be respected between the plants is about 70 cm between the rows and 40 cm of distance between the plants grown on the same row.

Can okra be grown in pots?The cultivation of okra in pots is more cumbersome but possible. More than vases, you need to have planters or chests. Consider that you can grow 4 plants per square meter.

Okra seeds, where to buy them

THEokra seeds they are not very easy to find flowers from regions like Sicily or Calabria, just as it is not easy to findplantsalready developed. Try to contact your trusted agricultural consortium or take advantage of online sales. On Amazon, for example, a sachet ofokra seedsyou buy at the price of 7.58 euros with shipping costs included in the price. For all information on the product, I refer you toThis Page.

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