How to grow chicory

How to grow chicory

How to grow chicory: instructions tocultivation of chicory in potsor in the garden. From sugary cut chicory (the one with tender, wide and sweet leaves), to wild chicory. Without forgetting the legendary Galatina chicory!

The root system is not very deep, so chicory is suitable for growing in pots.

Grow chicoryit is easy, the plant does not need phytosanitary interventions if you have the foresight not to grow it for more than two years in the same flower bed and even after vegetables belonging to the same botanical family such as radicchio, curly endive, escarole, lettuce ... Better if it is grown where once there were courgettes and tomatoes.

Cultivation of Catalonian chicory or Galatina chicory

Thepuntarellethey want regular irrigation to ensure good production. S can be broadcasted but better to plant in an orderly way: keep a distance of 25 cm between the plants and 35 cm between the rows.

It cancultivate in the falland, in the south, it can be counted among the vegetables from cultivate in winter in the greenhouse. For sowing, temperatures above 5 degrees are required to vegetate and its optimum temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees.

Where to find ichicory seeds of galatina or chicory catalonia? You can contact your trusted agricultural consortium or take advantage of online trading. Chicory seeds are not easy to find. On Amazon, on "this page", a sachet of Catalonian chicory or chicory seeds is offered at the price of 4.70 euros with shipping costs included in the price. If you have the opportunity to buy them from an agricultural consortium, you will pay about 2 - 2.50 euros for a sachet.

Grow wild chicory

Therewild chicoryit is the ancestral type from which all the varieties of cocoria currently available have been obtained, crossing after crossing. Wild chicory is popular for its beneficial properties and is not appreciated by everyone because it has a bitter taste. For the cultivation and availability of wild chicory seeds, I refer you to the dedicated page:wild chicory, cultivation and properties.

In the photo below, one is shownbroadleaf cut chicoryBetter known as sugary chicory, as opposed to wild chicory, "sugary" cut chicory has a very sweet taste and tender leaves.

Sugary chicory from Trieste, cut chicory

Theresugary chicoryis one of the varieties of cut chicory that offers excellent yields both in the home garden in the open field, and withcultivation in pots, actually better if in rectangular planters or in boxes.

When cultivate chicory

The Zuccherina di Trieste chicory can be grown all year round even if the sowingin open field it can be done between September and October, it offers longer harvests. Theresugary chicory from Triesteit is harvested practically all year round, especially if those who cultivate it are in southern Italy, thanks to the mild climate of southern Italy, it is possible to push sowing even in the coldest months of the year, to carry on the cultivation it will be necessary cover the plants with non-woven fabric.

Do not worry, therechicoryit can also be cultivated in the North. It also resists in high altitude mountain gardens. The optimal temperature varies from 15 to 20 ° C but can also vegetate at temperatures of about 8 ° C. In the colder months of the year, those who live in the north will have to grow chicory in a well-insulated greenhouse.

Those who live in the Po Valley, in fact, will do well to protect thecultivation of chicory Zuccherina di Triestewith a tunnel greenhouse. Those who do not have a tunnel can resort to non-woven fabric by placing the veil on the crop at the end of October.

When to harvest chicory

As stated, you can sow all year round, in any case the September and early October sowings are the most suitable for the small vegetable garden. Who sow chicory in September it will carry out the first harvests in early autumn. To harvest in different periods of the year, it is recommended to carry out gradual sowing at a distance of at least 15 days.

How to harvest chicory?

There sugary chicory it's a chicory from cut it is harvested, in fact, by cutting about 2 - 2.5 cm from the ground, in autumn and then again between February and March.

When watering thechicory you will have to be careful not to wet the leaves. In any case, chicory should be irrigated only ifgrown in potsand in the absence of rains.

Thechicorythey must be grown in rows 8-12 cm away from each other. The leaves of thechicory Zuccherina from Triestethey can reach and exceed 20 cm in length.

Where to buy cut chicory seeds?

The seeds of the “Trieste sugar” variety are easy to find at any well-stocked agricultural consortium. Those who prefer can take advantage of online trading,to this Amazon page, for example, you can find the classic heat-insulated sachets of chicory seeds from Trieste sugar cut with high germinability

Grow chicory in pots

For cultivate chicory in potsthe same rules apply as for the cultivationin the garden, however, late winter / early spring sowing is recommended in order to harvest in favorable seasons. Therechicory Zuccherina from Triesteit can easily be grown in pots or bags. What is needed for cultivate chicory in pots:

  • Universal soil mixed with 5-10% sand
  • Box planters / containers 10-12 cm high
  • On the bottom of the containers it will be necessary to prepare 2 cm of expanded clay

Warning! The sugary chicory of Triste should not be confused with the sugar loaf chicory, they are two completely different varieties.

For the seeds and the photo of the "sugar loaf chicory”I refer you to“ this Amazon page “. Sugar loaf chicory is more difficult to find on the market than classic sugary chicory, however its cultivation is just as easy.

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