Desk height: how to calculate it

Desk height: how to calculate it

Desk height, an important aspect that many of us risk neglecting, too busy choosing a designer piece of furniture or one that has an affordable price. Or even that it fits well in the office, study or bedroom. Let's see how to evaluate the desk height and what does the fact of choosing it badly bring.

Desk: optimal height

As the measurements in cm of the individual people vary, some tall, some low, change the height desk but it is not very comfortable and not even convenient, at least for manufacturers, to start selling custom-made desks, for each of us. And then it is not certain that ours will then be inherited by our son or sold to the neighbor.

That's why they go a long way, since they were conceived, desks with variable height, not from day to day but at the time of installation. A piece of furniture that “fits” perfectly to those who have to use it.

When the desk height is optimal it is almost automatic to assume one correct posture, if seated, thus avoiding back problems. On average the optimal average desk height is 74 cm, for an office, considering a user of average height. The chair is also important must be combined with the desk, and you can even choose ergonomic chairs if you want to be sure you don't get hunchbacked.

Desk height for studying

To study well it is necessary to have a comfortable desk but a chair that allows us not to fall asleep in front of books that do not always tell funny things. In addition to the desk height. It is also important to check the brightness because we often find ourselves studying and the light goes down, you don't notice it's dark and it is difficult to read when the evening arrives with burning eyes.

Children's desk height

Children like adults, sometimes even more than adults, need to be there a perfect desk height that ensures he doesn't twist his back once seated to read or study. The solution, given how quickly the children grow up, is to buy one adjustable desk with also the tilting top, all beech and which on Amazon costs less than 100 euros. The adjustment is not jerky but very soft, the structure is of quality and robust.

Desk height in the office

It's a real risk to force people to working curves, if high, or with the neck pulled, if low. Muscle strains in the back, shoulders and neck can occur, or circulation problems in the legs. Even in the office the best choice is the height-adjustable and height-selectable electric desk. If we can't afford to choose, let's at least check that the combination of desk height and chair height is at least comfortable.

The attention to posture is much more accentuated in northern Europe but also in Italy it is increasing, also because a wrong measure can lead in the long run to a absenteeism from back pain.

Adjustable desk height

We talked a lot about height-adjustable desk and in the most advanced and even more expensive models, the mechanism is electric. We will then have the worktop whose height is modified by the user so that every time it can assume a suitable and correct position.

This does not mean that we should give up breaks to stretch your legs, essential not only for the legs but also for concentrated work the rest of the time.

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