Cold Feet: Causes and Anxiety

Cold Feet: Causes and Anxiety

Cold feet, there are those who have this problem in winter, and those who have it all year round. Sometimes it's unavoidable if the temperatures really drop, but there are also remedies that can improve circulationand avoid that the feet are always cold from November to February. There are also cases in which cold feet are the symptom of a more serious pathology, and it is not enough to cover them or warm them, but they are rare cases. It is by no means certain that if our feet are cold in winter, we are in poor health.

Cold feet: causes

Feet, like hands and nose, are the areas that can most often become cold when the outside temperature drops too low. This happens because the small arteries that flow close to the skin, shrink to limit heat loss. So in addition to dropping the temperature of these parts of the body, they often become also pale.

It is always an unpleasant sensation, that of cold feet, it is even more so when you are applying yourself in outdoor sports like cycling or running. The reasons are always the same, if you move, walk or pedal, the cold in your feet can decrease but often the discomfort persists.

Cold feet: remedies

To prevent the feeling of cold in the feet or try to make it less intense, there are some precautions to take into account. For example, it is good to avoid smoking and coffee and to move the toes, like those of the hands, when we are in cold environments. Even wearing socks that are too tight does not warm your feet but blocks circulation, better choose appropriate clothing.

Cold feet in bed

When in bed, the best remedy is to wear suitable stockings like these in pure cashmere wool. Five pairs on Amazon they cost 13 euros, an investment to sleep better.

Cold feet in the summer

In the summer you cannot blame the feet cold at the temperature, other causes must be sought by deepening in order to be sure that the unpleasant sensation does not is a symptom of a more severe malaise. For example cold feet can be tied to a reduced functioning of the thyroid gland, or to a chronic weakness, to a sudden weight gain.

The sensation of cold in the feet can also be an expression of peripheral arterial disease which also involves the presence of fatty plaques. Who takes beta blocker drugs can feel cold feet and it is because of these substances.

Cold feet in pregnancy

THE cold feet in pregnancy, every now and then they can, they are not a problem to worry about, they can be a signal of temporary weakness as of others passenger imbalances. Of course if the sensation persists, it is best to consult a doctor.

Cold feet: diabetes

When it comes to diabetic foot, among the symptoms we also find the sensation of cold in addition to that of pain. Other signs of this condition are swelling of the foot or ankle, any redness, blisters or even injuries.

Cold feet: anxiety

L'anxiety plays tricks and it makes us feel unpleasant physical sensations at times without precise reasons from a "clinical" point of view. Among them, there is also the cold feet but it is not one of the most frequent, certainly not as much as the feeling of having your heart in your throat from anxiety.

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