Hydrobike: benefits

Hydrobike: benefits

Hydrobike or "hidrospinning", let's call it how we prefer this sporting activity which is increasingly in vogue and which is good for both lazy people and athletes, and more. It is a kind of spinning that combines movements on an exercise bike or other equipment with the rhythm of the music, but in the water. Hydrobike is now more fashionable than water aerobics, have you already tried it?

Hydrobike: what it is

Hidrobike, you can also write it like this, you practice in the water and necessarily with the exercise bike, usually steel, in the pool, with comfortable, non-slip saddles and handlebars that change depending on the type of “water bike” available.

In fact, what you do when you practice hydrobike is a combination of muscle movement while pedaling and relaxation which is obtained by being immersed in water. The effect is therefore very particular beyond the individual exercises which can be more or less soft. There are some focused on activation and muscle training, others that are of aerobics, suitable for everyone, regardless of the athletic background.

Hydrobike: benefits

You move and relax at the same time, here is the magic of the hydrobike, largely due to massage performed by moving water which also offers benefits to nerve stimulation.

This type of discipline trains the muscles of the legs and buttocks, so those who want to firm them can immediately sign up for a course. It is also important and recommended for those with back problems because certain movements, made in the water, do not tire the spine. In general hydrobike is a way to keep fit and maintain your weight.

There are also gods professional sportsmen who use this type of training to increase their resistance or to train their legs more intensely. Lately its use is spreading too in the field of rehabilitation as the movements they don't strain the heart and spine as much.

Hydrobike makes you lose weight

More than making you lose weight, it keeps you fit, everything also depends on the number of kg you want to lose and how. Of course, hydrobike is also a practice funny then fatigue feels less and this can encourage those who usually don't like going to the gym much. In these particular diving conditions, in addition to the effort you feel the pleasure of the water massage, not to mention the music that accompanies the movements.

Hydrobike: calories burned

We can indicate an average of calories consumed in an hour of this practice even if this varies a lot from person to person and the type of exercises that are done. In each lesson lasting one hour they are consumed about 1300 calories if, in addition to pedaling, you also make movements with the torso and limbs to the sound of music.

Hydrobike in Milan

In more and more gyms in Milan and the hinterland it is offered the hidrobike course, for cyclists, too, and for all those who want to keep the leg muscles in training even when it rains and do not feel like going around Brianza on two wheels. On the site of MilanSport a large part of the offer is found in the metropolis.

Hydrobike in Rome

Also in the capital, gyms and swimming pools offer Hydrobike courses, usually with 45-minute workouts on the bike for improve the muscle tone of the lower limbs and the cardio-circulatory system. Among the many facilities we find the Athlon Sports Center, in via Ugo Ojetti 134.

Hydrobike Turin

Turin is not far behind, indeed, the opportunities to try this discipline are many, among all, the one at Torrazza swimming pool it looks really fun and well organized.

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