Phrases about the snow

Phrases about the snow

Phrases about the snow, to think or say, or write, when the flakes that make us always become a little bit children begin to fall. Wonderful when it starts to snow, an indescribable feeling, sometimes, and that's why we borrow from other gods phrases about the snow

Phrases on the snow: songs

Ligabue, well-known Italian singer, wrote "The snow does not care". The text reads:
“You who spread your arms
you want to feel it fall
and offer her your face
it looks like cotton they look like feathers
no kind of effort
does not even make a fold
there are those who already have enough
but so much snow, she doesn't care
covers the tiles and squares
the swings and the bins
the smiles of madmen
and the curses of some bum "

Phrases about the snow and love

Snow and love are not always connected. Snow means cold but not always a heart in winter does not know how to love. There is also a well-known French film that reminds us candidly.

And they loved each other suspended on a thread of snow. (Maxence Fermine)
A snowball in the face is certainly the perfect start for a lasting friendship. (Markus Zusak)
Nothing but white to look after. (Arthur Rimbaud)
Even in our dreams it snows, but only once in a lifetime. (Orhan Pamuk)

Phrases about the snow in the mountains

Then there are those who when they hear about snow, immediately think of the mountain. Some even skiing, others only to snowy and immaculate views, undoubtedly inspiring.

Snowfall. The metamorphosis of the world takes place in silence. (Heinrich Wiesner)
The sky is low, the clouds in mid-air, a wandering snowflake between climbing over a shed or a path cannot make up its own mind. (Emily Dickinson)

Romantic snow phrases

Snow can also help create a romantic, soft, coming mood desire for hugs and closeness.

The snow and its magnificent silence. There is no other that is worth the name of silence, other than that of the snow on the roof and on the ground. (Erri De Luca)
It had almost stopped snowing. The evening was as sharp as a charcoal drawing. (Boris Pasternak)
The snow that silently falls in the middle of the night always fill my heart with a sweet clarity. (Novala Takemoto)
Time is like a snowflake disappearing as we try to decide what to do with it. (Romano Battaglia)

Funny phrases about the snow

Not only in the hearts of children, snow brings joy and good mood, if it doesn't block roads and wreak havoc. Here are some phrases that tell this fun side of snow.

I wonder if snow loves trees and fields, it kisses them so sweetly. And he covers them as with a soft white quilt; and maybe he says "Go to sleep, dear ones, until summer comes again." (Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland)
The first snow fell frivolously, on the cold earth, came in advance, it did not stay, it left lightly, three small laps, two dance steps, the snow is a child. (Christian Bobin)
It snowed last year too: I made a snowman and my brother threw it down and I threw my brother down and then we had tea together. (Dylan Thomas)

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