Running speed and running pace calculation

Running speed and running pace calculation

The calculation of running speed and running pace ideal during training periods is a very important factor to properly prepare for a race.

The needs of an athlete can be multiple and sometimes making calculations quickly is not immediate. For this reason we have decided to publish a computer that allows you to immediately identify a series of useful elements for planning your workouts, a calculate the possible time in the race given a fixed pace and more.

Here is our calculator ... use will be quite intuitive and immediate for experienced coaches or athletes, while those less familiar will find some explanations and ideas below.
If you enter decimal numbers you must use the "point" and not the "comma" so, for example, to correctly indicate the length of a half marathon you will have to enter 21.0975 Km and not 21.0975 Km.

Running speed and running pace calculator: possible uses

1) You want to know what average pace you will have to keep in a half marathon to finish under 2 hours, let's say 1 hour and 59. You will therefore have to enter: 1 hour 59 minutes in the Speed ​​fields, 21.0975 in the Distance field and click on "Calculate the pace" . You will get a rhythm of 5 minutes and 38 seconds.

2) You want to know how long you would finish a marathon going at the pace of 6 minutes per km. You have to enter 42.195 in the Distance field, 6 minutes in the Pace field and click on “Calculate the Time”. You will get the overall time of 4 hours 13 minutes 10 seconds.

3) You want to know how many Km you could run in your 1 hour lunch break running at an average speed of 5 minutes per Km. You have to enter 1 hour in the Time field, 5 minutes in the Pace field and click on “Calculate Distance”. You will get the distance of 12 Km.

4) You have to run a 10 km race, you want to finish it 45 minutes and you want to have an idea of ​​the overall time that you will have to check on your watch at Km 5. You have to enter 45 minutes in the Time field, 45 minutes in the Distance field and click on Calculate the Rhythm . At this point, click on "Calculate partials" and you will see that to be in line with your goal at Km 5 you will need to see a time of 22 minutes and 30 seconds on your watch.

Our calculator also allows you to perform various calculations using the miles instead of kilometers as a unit of measurement simply by selecting “miles” instead of “km” in the appropriate drop-down menus.

Have fun and… have a good workout! :-)

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