Foods to avoid for colitis

Foods to avoid for colitis

Foods to avoid for colitis, to prevent it from getting worse or getting there. This type of disorder is closely linked to our diet and if there are foods to avoid for colitis, there are also those that can help us not to heal but to improve and suffer less. Let's see how it is possible to eat in a healthy and tasty way but at the same time without having too many pains.

Foods to avoid for colitis

When following a diet carefully, decided together with an expert, colitis symptoms may also improve. It depends on the type of colitis one is suffering from and also on the physical condition of the person suffering from it, but in general we can already say that too much sugar, too many calories and too many refined carbohydrates exacerbate intestinal inflammation. Colitis in the first place.

Foods to avoid for colitis and symptoms

When colitis is acute, it is characterized by abdominal swelling, a feeling of heaviness and an irregular rhythm of defecation. The underlying causes of this disorder are different and can have a psychological or physical origin.

There spastic colitis it is typically caused by a poor diet and an improved lifestyle, it can be aggravated if the sufferer smokes and is stressed. In this case, by paying attention to the foods to avoid for colitis, the symptoms can really improve, much more than in the cases of nervous colitis, mainly due to emotionality and stress. When it gets worse, it can also turn into ulcerative colitis.

Foods to avoid for ulcerative colitis

When it is ulcerative, i foods to avoid for colitis they are really to be avoided, given the particularly acute symptoms. On the list, banned, we find dairy products, fatty foods, fibers. It is absolutely necessary to avoid smoking, it is also important to drink plenty of water and have many small meals during the day.

Those who followed these advice saw unthinkable improvements and told about it in the book "How I recovered from ulcerative colitis ". Flavio Toniutti, the author, in this short volume reveals step by step the methods that led him to heal.

Foods to avoid for spastic colitis

For spastic colitis, better to consume as little as possible some foods without, however, the urgency and rigidity that are required when it comes to foods to avoid for ulcerative colitis. Meat broth, sausages, spices, fatty meats or game, fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel, eel, crustaceans, molluscs, canned goods, raw vegetables and chocolate, cream and unripe fruit, are not particularly good for those suffering from intestinal inflammation.

Better if possible do not eat vegetables too often which tend to ferment and ice cream, we also avoid drinking too much alcohol and too much coffee. These are obviously general indications, every physicist reacts in his own way and it is not the case to adopt one poor diet to avoid anything that can potentially promote colitis. Food must also be cooked properly, better at low temperature and in a little elaborate way.

Recommended foods for colitis

It is not true that you can not eat anything, if you suffer from colitis, there are also foods that are recommended and well appreciated such as whole grains, cooked and raw vegetables, with the exception of vegetables that may “ferment”, fresh non-acidic fruit, well-cooked and “pureed” legumes, lean white meat, lean fish such as cod or redfish. To season, always and only extra virgin olive oil.

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