Atlas dog: breeding and character

Atlas dog: breeding and character

Atlas dog, also called Aidi, is a little known dog but with a truly enviable character: cheerful, lively and kind. It has a thick and a bit messy hair, in appearance, but useful for dealing with bad weather.

Atlas dog: breeding

In the past this dog was used to dealing with fighting against jackals and other predators, today it doesn't happen that often anymore but its thick and resistant coat is so for this reason.

The Atlas Dog has a solid and very rustic physique, is snappy and very muscular, used to withstand the cold of the mountains but also the strong sun. Breeding in Italy is not very widespread, it is a dog that is difficult to meet on the street today but has a careful and reliable look and a character that lends itself to making it a animal also appreciated as a companion.

Atlas dog: character

Very fond of the owner, this dog at the same time keeps a very independent attitude and distrustful of those who do not know, be it a human being or a dog, or another animal.

It has always been used by instinct to fight other animals, so while not aggressive, if it does not know who is in front of it, he is not outgoing and outgoing. In the family, on the other hand, we expect a cheerful and jovial dog, very lively but, if he is working, with a hunter at his side, he is serious and very attentive, using his hearing and sense of smell to the maximum, which he has very developed. The tough and strong character has made him a perfect fighter over the years, so he goes out of his way to fight big predators but also to defend property and people.

Atlas dog: history

Originally from Morocco, the Atlas Dog belongs to the group of type dogs Pinscher, Schnauzer, Molosser and Bovari, the lands where he was born and raised are those covered by the Sahara and his name is inspired by that of a Moroccan mountain range. Long ago this breed was among the chosen ones to eliminate predators and protect livestock, today it is not very widespread and the specimens that are found around do not almost never do this type of work.

Atlas dog: height

An adult female at the withers it measures from 52 to 58 cm, on the other hand, if it is a male, it even reaches 62 cm: we are dealing with a large dog but quite clumsy, indeed. The trunk is very deep, the back broad and muscular, the head is bear-like, lean and well proportioned with a conical snout and black nose or brown, depending on the color of the coat.

The ears of the Aidi they are slightly rounded at the tip and the eyes are always dark, of medium size, the tail is particularly long and has a final plume.

The mantle of the Atlas dog it is a rustic dog, used to living outdoors and withstanding even harsh climatic conditions. It's a lot thick, rough and semi-long, in males a mane is also formed on the neck and under the throat and limbs and tail are also covered by a long and very thick hair.

The most frequent colors for this breed are brown and black but they are also allowed sand, fawn, white, washed out, reddish, with stripes, white and fawn with or without black traces, tricolor. There presence of spots is typical and common, they can form a funny "cap" with "scarf", a "star" and even the lips can be pigmented.

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