American Akita: character and puppies

American Akita: character and puppies

American Akita, easy to confuse with the Japanese one, also because there are those who call it "the great Japanese dog" and it certainly does not help the less experienced to clarify their ideas. This breed has been recognized quite recently by the International Cynological Federation but he immediately garnered a lot of appreciation and his fame spread due to history of Hachikō, which belonged to Professor Hidesaburō Ueno, and of the film that was shot on this, with Richard Gere among the protagonists, in addition to the dog.

American Akita: character

He is touchy but less so than his Japanese relative, the American Akita which however is similarly full of self-esteem. He has a noble and proud character and bearing and is an excellent guardian, he grows fond of and is close to human beings, especially the members of the family he lives with, but also to others. Yes why American Akita, yet more docile than Japanese, he is also much more protective. In the United States, its homeland, it is also used as a guide dog and as a police dog.

American Akita: puppies

It is difficult to educate a puppy of this breed to the discipline seen the air of a sweet and harmless plush toy it has but it is important to do so precisely because the American Akita's nature is yes docile but still strong.

If this dog does not get used to socializing from an early age, there is a risk that he will stay with a detached attitude, moreover if he has to live with other animals, it is good that he knows immediately otherwise, in the critical moment, turns into a brawler with cats or small dogs even if in reality it is not by nature at all. In general, the American Akita tends to mind its own business immediately, for this reason it must be educated in a firm and consistent way.

American Akita: breeding

And especially in the USA that is bred, in Italy there are very few structures that keep this breed. Some time ago it was not even officially recognized so it was believed a variety of Akita Inu and its specimens were used mainly as guard or hunting dogs.

Akita Inu

The discussion took years to decide who should be the "real Akita" because both the Japanese and the American came from Japan and from the prefecture of origin, called Akita. In the end, the solution that calmed the waters was to create two distinct races, who also want to know theAkita Inu, Japanese, can read about it in the dedicated article.

White American Akita

The cloak ofAmerican Akita it can be of any color: white as well as red or fawn, then there are versions with brindle or piebald hair. The particularity of the single-colored white dogs is to have no mask.

Black American Akita

L'Black American Akita, like that of all the other colors, it has a double hair, the undercoat is thick, soft, dense and short while the outer coat is coarse and appears to be raised from the body. The length changes from area to area: on the head, on the lower part of the limbs and on the ears it is short while on the rest of the body it even reaches 5 cm but the tail is the area where it really is long and more abundant.

Except for the white dogs, there is always the mask and stains may appear, the colors remain bright and the whole is orderly and regular.

Giant American Akita

L'American Akita is a large dog, there is no particularly large version, so defined in an official way since the height at the withers according to the standard can go 61 cm to 71. I'd say that's enough. As a dog he is very sporty, it is often used for agility tests, is agile and strong, well proportioned, with a large head and small eyes, erect and not large ears.

American Akita: weight

The average weight of a American Akita adult is of 35-45 kg, varies with height and gender, but it is very important that these dogs do a lot of movement: especially if kept in an apartment they risk getting fat and becoming sickly and sad.

In addition toobesity, other common health problems are autoimmune hypothyroidism and stomach dilation-torsion.

American Akita: price

Still a rare breed, as well as famous for the film, it is a costly breed. Under a thousand euros it is difficult to find a puppy but the average prices are much higher. Although officially recognized only recently, the American Akita has very ancient origins, it was used for hunting wild boars, deer and especially bears. Then he moved on to be a fighting dog but fortunately today he is understood as a guard or companion dog.

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