Spa in the house, costs and info

Spa in the house, costs and info

Spa in the house: how to create a small wellness center at home. Costs and concrete possibilities to create tailor-made wellness furniture.

Create a small spa at homeit's possible. The world offurniture offers us accessories and devices to be inserted in the bathroom to indulge in a domestic version of the spa.

Spa at home, how to do it

Just like in thehealth centre, even in the home it is possible to install the structures designed to give relaxation and comfort. The first thing to do forcreate a home spais the evaluation of spaces.

It is possible to make onespa in the bathroomif this is large enough, alternatively it will be necessary to prepare an ad hoc room. The inevitable structures, just like in wellness centers, are:

  • sauna
  • Turkish bath
  • hydromassage

Among the furnishing proposals forset up a small spa at homethere is no shortage ofShower cabinequipped with a cervical waterfall, emotional shower and massages regenerated with water. In this case, in addition to the water connection for the shower, the electrical one is also essential.

For the ready-to-install shower enclosure, an area of ​​1.5 m2 is required, equivalent to a shower enclosure with a 120 x 120 cm tray. There is no shortage of more compact proposals even equipped with a Turkish bath.

To host aTurkish bathit's possibleadapt the shower cubiclebut only if big enough. The shower box can be adapted to create a Turkish bath but not for the sauna. Remember that to transform the shower cubicle into a Turkish bath, the upper part must also be closed and watertight doors must be installed.

Spa at home, costs and furnishing proposals

In the world of furniture, there is no shortage of small luxuries that can be installed at home. Every self-respecting luxury, however, has its owncostpurchase and installation.

For installation, if the bathroom or the room to be allocated tohome wellness centerit is large, no masonry works are necessary, other than those suitable for preparing the water and electrical connections.

Finnish sauna in the house, prices

To talk about costs, first of all we propose you to explore the web offers starting from Amazon. In"This Page"you can see all the proposals ofready-to-use saunas and we have selected the cheapest facilities!

Acabin for the Finnish saunawith the possibility of customizing the finishes (but not the sizes) of the Yes Spa Fun line by Yes Spa, it can be bought with costs starting from 5,190 euros.

Turkish bath in the house, prices

For theTurkish bath, as stated, it is possible to modify the shower enclosure. In this case, the space problem is solved because the shower box could work both as a Turkish bath and as a classic shower. Yes, integrating the Turkish bath into the shower cubicle saves space but not money because between changes and the purchase cost of the steam generator, the price does not change much.

A generator for turkish baths to be installed hidden, on the roof of the shower cabin, can be bought at a price of 2,570 euros. We are talking about a top-of-the-range generator (GF Steam 1 by Grandform), equipped with a Wallbox, that is a stainless steel container that includes chromotherapy, 2 stereo speakers, extraction fan and steam generator programmable by means of an LCD control panel.

Spa at home, prices and consumption

If you think icostsseen to be excessive, you have not yet visited a furniture shop specializing in this niche sector!

A sauna equipped with two benches, a seat, adjustable backrest and stove complete with stones (made of real wood with glass fronts), it can be bought for 7,980 euros. Also in this case we are talking about a niche product, the inipi B Super COmpact by Duravit which allows to host aFinnish saunawhich can reach a temperature of 105 ° C, in a space of 117.5 x 117.5 cm.

The costs are not only related to the purchase and installation but also to consumption. Have onespa in the houseit also costs in energy terms.

Sauna or turkish bath see absorption from 3 to 5 kW.

Photo fromYes Spa.

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