Kindergarten in the woods: how to open it

Kindergarten in the woods: how to open it

Kindergarten in the woods, is not the title of a fairy tale but a reality that fortunately has also developed in Italy even if it was not born here. If the Mediterranean climate makes you imagine the idea of ​​a kindergarten in the woods in our part rather than in Northern Europe, it is in the countries that are further north of us that we find the origins of this project.

The purpose of a kindergarten in the woods is to to raise children in close contact with nature, cultivating awareness and trust in themselves and in the environment around them. All of this through play.

Asylum in the woods: what it is

It is a special kindergarten, an alternative to the traditional ones preschools, Kindergarten, born in Denmark almost half a century ago, which provides that all classic and non-classic activities are carried out in the woods. Kindergarten in the woods, therefore, it is not a building located in the middle of the green, kindergarten is green where the children are.

Here educators can play recreational and educational activities, to socialize and learn what nature is like and how to live with it peacefully and in harmony. It is a school that teaches us to notice the little things around us, from an early age.

Kindergarten in the woods: how to open it

The precious experience of “New educational paradigm”Born in Ostia, Rome, is an example of how it is also possible in Italy to concretely achieve what has been a reality in the Northern Countries for decades. Through this DVD, on Amazon that can be purchased for 16.50 euros, you can learn more the feasibility of the asylum in the woods and what it really means to open one.

The DVD is "signed" Emilio Manes, but it is a pseudonym formed by "Emilio", the name of the kindergarten run by Paolo Mai and Giordana Ronci, from which the project was born Asylum in the Bosco di Ostia (Rome), and "Manes", name of Danilo Casertano's association

Asylum in the woods in Italy

The first kindergarten in the woods was born in Italy about 3 years ago, in the Ostia Antica countryside, just outside Rome. Open to children from 2 to 6 years, from the very beginning it broke the educational schemes by proposing other alternative and very attractive ones for those who choose to educate their children to respect nature and people.

There school everyday takes place almost entirely in the open air in this kindergarten that has nature as its classes, as teachers, in addition to educators, the natural experiences that stimulate curiosity, imagination, autonomy and creativity. And they are never fully planned.

Forest kindergarten: training

The educational model that supports an idea like that of the kindergarten in the woods is not at all improvised or banal, it was born in Denmark in the 1950s and over the years, given the first results, it has been adopted by many other European countries, such as Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom. It is based on naturalness, on familiarity, on physicality, it leaves children free to discover what is around them by providing the tools to then investigate and be more and more curious and eager to learn.

The educators of a kindergarten in the woods respect the autonomy of the child, let them exercise their skills by interacting with the environment but without abandoning it in the middle of the woods in the true sense of the word as in the darkest fairy tales.

Through play, children are shown the beauty of nature and the potential it contains, the importance of observation and also of planning. A scientific and green method.

Asylum in the woods Rome

The most famous kindergarten in the woods around Rome is precisely that of Ostia Antica even if later others were born. Its origin lies in the fortunate encounter between two educational realities of the 10th municipality of Rome in the Ostia Antica countryside. The model is precisely the Danish and Northern European one, still drawing inspiration from these experiences and from theories such as those of Montessori, Steiner, Agazzi, Freire and Rousseau.

Asylum in the woods Lombardy

Milan also has its asylum in the woods and it is not true that there are no woods in Milan!Inside Cascinet, historic place in Milan near the Forlanini park, there is a forest and also a kindergarten, the Naturiamo association and the volunteers who animate Cascinet have wanted and created it, and it is not just a kindergarten but a real educating community with the carpenter, the seamstress, the vegetable garden, the bees, the medicinal plants. Flooded projects and requests for registration.

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