"Magical" uses of rue

You have surely heard of this herb that can be obtained "male" or "female" and that even, they say, has interesting effects in the esoteric world. Learn about the powers of this plant in the following article, especially what are the "magical" uses of rue.

Rue characteristics

It is a perennial plant of the aromatic group, with yellowish green leaves and small flowers. It lives in dry areas and adapts very well to the Mediterranean climate. It is present in many houses or gardens because its strong aroma keeps insects away from crops, for example.

Many ancient civilizations have used and even worshiped the powers of rue. The Romans cultivated it and carried it with them when visiting a prisoner, as it was said to cure the evil eye. The Chinese used it to counteract bad thoughts. Celtic magicians said that rue was a defense against spells, in addition to using it to heal the sick. It had a sacred character for the Hebrews, Egyptians and Chaldeans, who affirmed that rue was a gift from their gods.

In America, rue was used by aboriginal communities to make love spells and they claimed that after placing a branch in the moonlight and giving it to the loved one, their heart could be conquered forever.

When and how to plant rue?

It is said that rue is much more powerful (both esoterically and medicinally) if a segment is taken from a foreign garden and planted in the ground by the person who is going to use it later, since its energies will remain in the leaves and stem. Some steps to plant rue:

• Never start the job of planting rue if you find yourself in a bad mood, depressed, angry or stressed.

• Neither can a woman do it while on her period.

• If you plant a rue without believing in its properties, just out of curiosity, you will not get any effect.

• Spend some time on it but don't overdo it. It needs a lot of sun and some watering.

There are two types of rue: male (with large leaves) and female (with small leaves). The first is planted on the left side of the garden and the second on the right.

Do not plant rue in a place where cats pass, or it can be an excellent home remedy so that they do not relieve themselves in a certain place. It also serves to scare off toads.

If you see that the rue begins to dry out or wither, do not worry, do not try to save it, because it is a clear sign that it is absorbing the negativity of the environment and providing well-being.

What are the medicinal properties of rue?

This herb has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Some of the properties of rue are:

• It tones the arteries, protects the capillaries and strengthens their walls, treats varicose veins, edema and other circulatory problems, in addition to preventing internal bleeding.

• It has digestive properties, prevents stomach heaviness and heartburn, reduces gas and indigestion, stimulates biliary function and is recommended to consume after eating when the intake has been copious.

• It has antispasmodic properties, meaning that it is used to treat colic, diarrhea and stomach spasms.

• It favors menstruation, by increasing blood circulation in the uterus, therefore it is not recommended in pregnancy because it can cause abortions.

• It is used to reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia, due to its sedative effects.

• Calms pain when there are bumps or strains, reduces inflammation in rheumatic diseases or arthritis.

• Allows you to lose weight, reduces fluid retention, stimulates the release of fatty acids and adipose tissue.

It is good to know that consuming rue in large quantities can be toxic, as well as if its oil is ingested (which is only indicated for external treatments). You can prepare a rue tea using at most 12 leaves of the plant for every liter of water. Boil and steep for ten minutes, strain and drink up to two cups per day.

The "magical" uses of rue

If you are interested in spells and you want to attract the good to your home, work or family, you can take advantage of the benefits of this plant to:

• Protect: it is one of the most widespread virtues of rue, it preserves from envy and creates a protective field for whoever plants or owns it.

• Attract the positive: It helps so that the right people come into our life, be it love, a partner or even a good job.

• Cure: It is beneficial to treat different diseases and ailments as already explained in this article.

• Attenuate negativity: If you are living in an environment surrounded by bad news and "vibes", you need a bit of rude to absorb the negative that disturbs the home.

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