Documentary "Buy, throw, buy." Consumerism and manipulation


Documentary “Buy, throw, buy” by Cosima Dannoritzer. “Batteries that‘ die ’within 18 months of being released, printers that lock up when reaching a certain number of prints, light bulbs that burn out after a thousand hours…

Why, despite technological advances, consumer products last less and less? Do you want to know where they end up? "

"Buy, throw, buy"; a documentary that reveals the secret: programmed obsolescence, the engine of the modern economy. Shot in Spain, France, Germany, the United States and Ghana, it takes a journey through the history of a business practice that consists of the deliberate reduction of the life of a product to increase its consumption because, as already published in 1928 by an influential advertising magazine American, "an article that does not wear out is a tragedy for business."

Video: How Commercials Get Us To Buy Crap We Dont Need (September 2021).