Cruelty: Live animals trapped in plastic bags and beetle brooches are sold as jewelry

Cruelty: Live animals trapped in plastic bags and beetle brooches are sold as jewelry

In 2011, the news outlet CNN reported this case and since that date, the market for this type of normalized cruelty in China has not yet been stopped.

They discovered that small fish, turtles, amphibians and other live animals are being offered in small plastic bags, by street vendors. These bags cost $ 1.50, and have just enough space for the animal to twist and turn.

According to the suppliers who sell these "decorations", the bags contain some oxygen and are filled with colored water with enough crystallized nutrients for the animal to survive a few days. If the client does not release the animal, it will die. The sad thing is that you do not have to do it and that is what usually happens.

Animal rights groups have spoken out against the sale of these keychains and highlighted the lack of laws and regulations to protect animals in China.Against this background, the Director of Animal Welfare Asia declared:

"The lack of food and the decrease in oxygen concentrations within the water and the small amount of air in these plastic bags will cause the animals to die in a relatively short period of time after sealing the bags."

The use of animals as jewelry occurs in both China and Mexico where live beetles are embedded with precious stones to be used with hooks on their clothes.

These Yucatecan beetles are found in danger of extinction bywhich, due to a legend, are used as amulets for love and even as a symbol of longevity.

Although the origin of the tradition is in the Mayan legend, historians do not have data that demonstrate that this culture used these beetles as decoration. There are alternativesso that, even so, the legend is not lost, such as creating this jewel artificially and even taking it to other artistic disciplines.

To keep it alive, women keep them in glass jars where they add bark or pieces of wood but the reality is that, in general,starvefor not being in their natural habitat. Likewise,its use has been decreasing To a large extent, given that locals hardly wear it and tourists, although it surprises and draws their attention, do not practice using it.

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