The European Union authorizes the sale of peasant seeds!

The European Union authorizes the sale of peasant seeds!

After years of fighting, biodiversity advocates finally get satisfaction. From now on, your seeds will be accessible without being outlaws.

Victory! From now on, organic farmers will be able to sell seeds from their own productions. So decided the MEPs, to the chagrin of Monsanto and company.


Until then, only seeds listed by an official catalog could be legally traded. As Le Figaro points out, “most of these seeds belonged to multinationals like Monsanto. "The result was a standardization of fruits and vegetables, a standardization of our diet and an impoverishment of biodiversity."

But last Thursday, MEPs ended the "criminalization" of so-called peasant seeds. On the occasion of new legislation aimed at supporting organics, they adopted a measure that allows organic farmers to sell seeds of their “home” crops.

This decision, which will enter into force in two and a half years, in 2021, ends 37 years of restrictions (the commercialization of seeds outside the official catalog was prohibited by decree in 1981).

All organic farmers will be able to develop their own varieties and market them, as has always been the case in the past. The aim is to promote the vitality of our biodiversity, revive the thousands of varieties of fruits and vegetables that exist and waver the disturbing statistics provided by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and relayed by Le Figaro: three quarters of our current food would come from just 12 species of plants and 5 species of animals.

This measure was demanded for years. Good news!

Source: Positivr

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