Pesticides Again: Millions of Dead Bees in South Africa

Pesticides Again: Millions of Dead Bees in South Africa

In recent weeks, millions of bees have died in southwestern South Africa. Beekeepers denounce the incorrect use of pesticides in agriculture due to the drastic reduction of populations.

Cape Town is famous for its vineyards, but quantities of pesticides are used there, causing the death of millions of bees, key insects for pollination.

“We started getting calls that beekeepers were finding dead bees in front of their hives. I came to inspect my bee farm and found similar results and thousands of thousands of dead bees, "Brendan Ashley-Cooper, producer and vice president of the Western Cape Province Beekeeping Association, told that chain.

“Farmers have been very concerned about the massive death of bees. We are going to have meetings in the next few days to see what has caused the problem and see if we can find a solution, "added Ashley-Cooper, who estimates she has lost about 2.5 million bees in recent weeks.

The vice president of the Apicultural Association concludes, as has happened on other occasions, that bees are being affected by being exposed to highly dangerous agrochemicals, in large quantities and for short periods.

An estimated three-quarters of the crops that feed the world depend on the pollination of insects and other animals to produce seeds and fruit.

Bees are among the most important, but their death due to the use of pesticides is more and more frequent, which leads to a decrease in the production of seeds and fruits in the world.

Bees are a key link and the reduction of their population around the world worries experts for their possible harmful effects on the environmental balance.

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