Foods to prevent cavities in children

Foods to prevent cavities in children

Soft foods, carbonated drinks, lots of sweets… changes in infant feeding have increased the risk of tooth decay. In addition to correct oral hygiene habits, it is advisable to include foods that promote growth and stop cavities in your menus.

Healthy nutrition

Good foods: raw and high in fiber. Carrot, lettuce, apple, whole wheat bread ... They require vigorous chewing that helps strengthen the gums and promotes salivary secretion. Saliva exerts an important self-cleaning action, hinders the formation of bacterial plaque and helps to keep teeth clean. The fiber carries away the remains of other foods that may have been between them. And in addition, these foods and saliva itself have the ability to neutralize the acid in the mouth.

The foods to control.Watch the sugar added to sweets, candies, gum, sweets ... These foods should be taken only sporadically, and better during meals than between meals. Don't go for system-packed juices. In this order, whole fruit and natural juices are preferable, and always water to quench thirst.

Foods to avoid.Viscous sweets: gummies and soft candies, chocolates, chewing gum, syrups, jellies ..., because the sugar they contain adheres more easily to the teeth. In addition to the sugar they contain, soft drinks are excessively acidic and damage tooth enamel. Save them for special occasions, always after the main meals and followed by a good brushing.

Prohibited. The risk of cavities is even higher if the sweets are taken between meals and the child does not brush his teeth afterwards.

The correct brushing

There are different techniques, but the simplest and, therefore, recommended for children, consists of making circular movements on the internal and external faces of the teeth, and short movements from front to back and vice versa, in the chewing areas.

When they are older it is advisable to change to a more effective technique, but also more complex:

  • Divide the mouth into four parts for a complete cleaning and not forgetting any area.
  • Wet the toothbrush with water and put in a small amount of toothpaste.
  • Choose one of the parts and place the brush on the edge of the gums at a 45 ° angle. You should avoid horizontal movement by putting a lot of pressure on the teeth.
  • Start by brushing the outside of your teeth. Make short movements only up and down, from the edge of the gum to the end of the tooth, and always from the back pieces (which are more difficult to reach) towards the front.
  • Brush the inside of your teeth in the same way.
  • Also brush chewing surfaces. Change your movement: perform short horizontal movements from back to front and front to back.
  • Continue brushing on the 3 pending parts.
  • Finally, brush the tongue in back-to-front sweeps, as this is the part of the mouth where the most bacteria accumulate.

Brushing your teeth should last between two and three minutes, and can preferably be done with a natural toothpaste.

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