Wrapping gifts with newspaper, an eco trend for this Christmas

Wrapping gifts with newspaper, an eco trend for this Christmas

The initiative belongs to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF for its acronym in English)

The campaign was carried out in 2016 in Colombia, but we can replicate it this Christmas.

What is your role this Christmas?

The idea is to make a responsible consumption of paper during this Christmas and for this the use of newspaper is encouraged as gift wrapping. It is a call for sustainability in this time of celebration.

Statistics on paper use

Although the paper industry reduced a9% CO2 emissions per ton of paper produced between 2005 and 2015, according to a 2011 Cepi Sustainability Report analysis, the origin of gift wrap is commonly uncertain: it cannot be guaranteed that it comes from a sustainable chain or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified . It is there where the newspaper gains value for the organization.

A study by the Swedish Ryal Institute for Technology (2015), cited by the ANDI Chamber of the Pulp, Paper and Cardboard Industry, revealed that reading a newspaper can consume 20% less carbon than watching the news on the web.

With 1.1% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the pulp, paper and printing value chain is one of the lowest industrial emitters. According to the World Resources Institute, electricity production and heating produce 24.9%; industry, 14.7%; transportation, 14.3%; and agriculture, 13.8%.

For a more sustainable Christmas

Approximately 717 wrapping papers are produced from each tree. By using newspaper to wrap Christmas gifts instead of buying gift paper, we will be contributing our grain of sand to caring for the planet

The following videos show alternatives for wrapping and decorating the gifts with newspaper or magazine paper:

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Video: Gift Wrapping Using Newspaper (September 2021).