How to ship a bicycle

How to ship a bicycle

How to ship a bicycle: all the safest solutions for shipping a bike. The rules to preserve it along the way. From train to plane, from post offices to specialized couriers. Costs and useful tips.

For several reasons you may have the need to to ship a bicycle. For the holidays, for an ebay auction or for a gift, to ship a bicycle it is possible and i prices they are very accessible. It can ship the bicycle be whole that disassembled, the choice is up to you and your needs. In case of aracing bike, it is always more prudent to ship it disassembled and well packaged.

If you are going on vacation, you can to ship a bicycle in the region where you will be staying so as to avoid renting bikes that may be less performing than yours. Let's see all the solutions you have available.

How to send a bicycle by train

If you are traveling in train you can bring the bicycle with you, just read the regulations of the transport company you are traveling on.

As for Trenitalia, the bike supplement can only be purchased on board the train and, for international journeys, it is about 12 euros.

For more information on the regulation and advice on how to ship a bike by train, the official page of service that allows you to carry the bike in the trainit is called “in train with the bike".

As warned by the Trenitalia portal, thanks also to the commitment of the FIAB, the bicycle travels free if disassembled and placed in the special bag. Transport is free only for FIAB members. The rates for send a bicycle by train:

  • € 3.50 for Regional, Direct and Interregional trains
  • 5.00 € for Exp, IC, ICN, EC to and from Italy
  • 12.00 € for international trains.

THEcostsjust listed may be subject to change according to the provisions of Trenitalia.

Please note, howevertransport the bike by train, the bicycle must have maximum dimensions of 80 x 110 x 40 cm, for this, in case of a racing bike, it may be necessary to disassemble it. The bike can be shortened simply by removing the front wheel.

The bike can be stored wherever you find some space, so avoid leaving with exodus or on days when the races are particularly crowded.

How to ship a whole bicycle

But when the bicycle should it be shipped without its pilot? In this case, to save money it is better to remove the bicycle and send it in an ad hoc box or alternatively, spend a little more but ship the bicycle whole.

For the disassembled bicycle the best price is 13 Euros for a national shipment.

To ship a whole bike, prices go up significantly: one of our readers has contacted in the last few days Mail Boxes Etc. and received a quotation of 84 Euros to send a mountain bike from Rome to Puglia.

For send a whole bike in Italy or abroad, the shared shipping service should not be underestimatedMacingo. On the page"Motorcycle transport with Macingo"you will find all the useful information. The same criteria can be applied for theshipment of the whole bicyclebut, of course, at a much lower cost.

Another service is that offered by which allows you to send your bicycle throughout Europe at a fixed cost of 95 Euros. You decide whether to ship it disassembled or whole, as long as you respect the packaging measurements indicated on the site: 2 meters of maximum length for the long side and 2 meters for the maximum length of the perimeter calculated by adding the 4 sides of the smallest facade . The following image will clarify how to perform the calculation even better:

Our advice is therefore to try to get information with different operators also because in relation to the different areas of Italy the rates could change significantly, thanks to the presence of specialized operators on a specific route.

How to ship a disassembled bicycle

To ship a disassembled bicycle, we recommend using the price comparator of the website after measuring the weight, height, depth and width of the box.

Obviously, the smaller the box, the less you will spend.

How to disassemble the bicycle for shipping

Disassemble the wheels, pedals, handlebar and pipe and put everything in a package, optimize weights and dimensions by calculating that for a bike with frame 58 the resulting package will have these dimensions: 98 x 67 x 26 cm. The weight you will get will be less than 35 kg.

Fill the free spaces in your package with plastic. Theredisassembled bicycle to be shippedit must be very compact, firm and immobile, so that it can be transported safely.

How to ship a bicycle abroad

For to ship a bicycle abroad, perhaps just in the vicinity of your next vacation in Cuba, it will need to be dismantled. Sending a whole bike abroad will not allow you to access it at reasonable prices.

How much does it cost to ship a bike abroad?It all depends on the cost, the size of the bike (size and weight of the package).

For example, with the MBE service, sending a 35 kg package of the aforementioned dimensions (those of a 58 frame bike), in a reasonable time, will cost about 116 euros for European countries.

To find a good box forpack the disassembled bike to ship, you don't have to spend big money. Just take advantage of the packaging of a plasma TV or another bicycle or ... rummage through the cartons of a mega-store like Media Word. The best thing to do for pack a bike to shipis to find intact cartons and packaging plastics.

For cardboard, go to a bicycle dealer and ask if they have boxes to give you, they certainly have bicycle packaging (or mega TV!) They have on display.

Folding bikes for the weekend

If you have come to the conclusion that shipping your bike may be too tiring or too expensive and if your cycling holiday does not involve traveling too many kilometers but maybe just visiting a city, you could also consider buying a folding bike.

In this case you might be interested in our article on best folding bikes.

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