Personalized dog food: benefits and where to find it

Personalized dog food: benefits and where to find it

Our four-legged friends, just like us, have very specific tastes and preferences regarding nutrition and food.

Unlike us, however, they have no way of choosing their diet independently and must rely on our choices.

It is therefore important for us dog owners to inform ourselves about the nutritional needs of our friends and to be aware of the possible consequences of wrong choices.

Why it is important to think about a personalized diet for your dog

In a similar way to what happens for us humans the diet of our canand must reflect multiple factors including: breed and size, physical activity performed daily, any ongoing pathologies or food intolerances.

These elements have precise consequences in identifying the type of food, doses and frequency of meals.

The importance of a veterinarian in determining the correct nutritional diet

The veterinary is the figure you have to rely on to determine one healthy diet and the right personalized food for your dog, in a similar way to what we usually do with our trusted nutritionist.

By communicating the elements that I indicated in the previous paragraph, together with other possible relevant information on the history of your four-legged friend, you will get the right nutritional indications to keep him always fit and healthy.

As far as possible, from diet it will also have to take account of yours presence and willingness to provide your dog with particular types of food in particular timetables.

If all the members of your family carry out activities outside the home for several hours of the day, you could consider buying a dog food dispenser with timer so as to avoid "unwanted feasting" concentrated in a single moment of the day.

Barkyn's personalized dog food

To ensure the ideal diet for our furry friends, specialized companies such as Barkyn, a company that offers a complete service including a veterinarian always available and a personalized diet consisting of foods chosen specifically for your dog.

By following the advice of Barkyn's veterinarians you will be sure to keep your dog in perfect health and you will always discover new information in the food industry.

Not everyone knows, for example, how important it is to ensure our dog foods rich in chondroprotectors to maintain joint strength and ensure greater longevity.

The food proposed by Barkyn consists of fresh meat or fish, vegetables and fruit from local farms. The foods are prepared using only fresh products, WITHOUT GMOs and without artificial flavors.

Barkyn vets start from your dog's characteristics and history to identify his needs and to propose 3 custom plans: Pop, Premium or Nature which have specific characteristics.

For example, the "Nature" plan is characterized by being "grain free”.

All plans are designed to guarantee one highly nutritious diet for the dog promoting his physical well-being.

With each floor you have access to a personal veterinarian who will follow our dog to ensure that the diet is adequate to his needs over time.

A team of veterinarians and specialists will always be ready to answer any questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Each Barkyn personalized plan also includes a “surprise”, a natural snack that always changes so that our dog can try new flavors and new foods.

Barkyn is practical and also ideal for anyone who owns more than one dog in how much each pack is sent with the dog's name so as to avoid any possible error.

Among the interesting features of Barkyn I also point out the flexibility or the possibility to change the shipping dates, suspend and resume the plan or cancel it, all without complications.

Where to buy the personalized diet for your dog

For more information on the personalized dog food preparation and delivery service that I have described to you in this article, I recommend you visit the official website