Jar of calm: what it is and how it is made

Jar of calm: what it is and how it is made

Have you ever heard of the jar of calm, or calming jar? It is a particular accessory that is inspired by the famous Montessori method, and which is recommended in order to bring children back to a state of greater relaxation and calm, especially after they have passed a period of crying, annoyance, quarrel with parents. or with friends and, more generally, any disturbing condition.

In short, as the name of this extraordinary product suggests, the jar of calm it helps children to find calm and prepare them to listen to what the parent has to say (the same is true, in some ways, when another adult with the same authority, like the teacher, speaks to the child).

Even more generally, we can definitely say that the jar of calm it can be very useful when the child has lost his emotional balance, appears particularly upset, and you want to help him calm down in a short time, supporting him in finding the right serenity.

All this, according to the unfailing followers of the qualities of the jar of calm, takes place through the use of a particular jar full of colored glitter, which can be shaken to create a fantastic image, with many small bright glitter that slowly rest on the bottom.

Thanks to this simple accessory, therefore, the child can be brought back to calm by focusing all his attention on the present.

According to some experts, in order to maximize the benefits of the calming jar it could be useful to induce the child to take a few deep breaths when observing the magic of the jar of calm. Once brought back into a state of emotional balance, the child will certainly be more likely to talk to you about the problems he has had and the reasons behind this behavior full of anger and frustration.

But how to make a jar of calm in your home?

Luckily for you, the instructions that will allow you to create a jar of calm in your home are simple and practical, and will allow you to obtain a fantastic finished result in just a few minutes.

You can therefore have fun - perhaps, together with your child - to make a fantastic do-it-yourself calming jar, avoiding having to buy it in a store (it being understood that, presumably, if you want a higher quality work you will probably have to resort to trusted shop!).

How to build the jar of calm

Introduced the above, we therefore remind you that in order to build the jar of calm, as inspired by the well-known Montessori method, you will need some ingredients.

First, try to retrieve a glass jar with a lid. The dimensions may be at your choice and discretion, but we still recommend that you do not use a jar that is too small, because in that case the visual effect induced by the glitter may be limited and not particularly effective.

In addition to that, get some glitter glue. You can commonly find it in numerous DIY products and in well-stocked supermarkets, where you will find everything you need for drawings and other artistic creations. Also get (you should find them in the same section) some teaspoons of glitter. In terms of proportions, for every 2 tablespoons of glitter glue, you will need 4 teaspoons of glitter. Finally, also get some drops of food coloring, which you can find in the part of the supermarkets dedicated to sweets & co., And a container with hot water.

Once you have recovered everything you need, you are ready to proceed further with the realization of our fantastic experiment. But how?

Take the jar and fill it with hot water and the glitter glue that you have been able to obtain. Mix carefully, so that the glitter can gradually disperse in the water. Then, add the glitter and continue to mix carefully, arming yourself with a little patience. By doing this, add some food coloring as well and, at the end, screw the lid onto the jar very tightly.

In doing so, you will notice that there is no precise quantitative balance. Therefore, adjust as you add the ingredients until you get the desired result.

What colors to use for the jar of calm

Although, as above, we have specified that in reality the wording of the jar of calm can only be inspired by your choices and preferences, there are still some advice that we suggest you take into consideration.

In particular, considering that the goal of the jar of calm is precisely to inspire relaxation, remember that the colors that work best in this regard are certainly the blue and the shades oflight blue. Therefore, it might be a good idea to opt for the purchase of products that are inspired by these colors in order to create your jar of calm.

Of course, nothing prevents you from using other colors, especially if you believe that your child can get the best satisfaction from other shades that you have already had the opportunity to understand serve well as "inspiration".


At this point of our in-depth analysis, you should have all the most useful information to be able to build your jar of calm in complete autonomy. Also consider whether to involve your child in the creation of this accessory, or whether it is preferable to build it yourself, avoiding revealing the mystery behind its creation.

Also remember that the jar of calm works very well not only on little ones, but also on adults. Seeing is believing!