How to build new healthy habits

How to build new healthy habits

Habits, whether we like it or not, always slip into our lives because by nature we are creatures of habit, some more or less. Our days are marked by fixed appointments that we almost unconsciously keep. Because of this, it is difficult to deviate from this routine and it is necessary to understandhow to build new healthy habits to adopt them definitively.

Taken by good intentions and the desire to turn, we tend to act courageous and radical, without having to deal with our nature and our body. With a wrong technique we risk going towards failure with subsequent abandonment of good purpose. It is a pity: to build new healthy habits it can be done! Here are some tips just to be successful.

How to build new healthy habits from old ones

This method uses the logic of associating new habits with habits already well rooted in our brain. If we already have a pattern in our day, let's use it to insert what we want to start doing, it will remain in our mind, first of all, and it will be easier. For example, if we want to start putting cream on before going to bed, and before going to bed we already brush our teeth, connect the two, we are already in the bathroom, we can do both and then sleep peacefully. Do we want to start meditating to start our days well? Let's do it after the morning coffee, it will soon become a winning combination, Coffee & Mindfulness

How to build new habits: small steps

The theory of little steps, of the many drops that then form an ocean, it is not just a theory but an effective strategy if you want to make a big and above all definitive change. A leap forward often makes us lose our balance and we are then unable to maintain the too big change that we suddenly introduced. As when we climb a peak, to conquer it we proceed step by step, even in our daily life we ​​must have the same patience.

Healthy nutrition? Let's start with an apple for a snack instead of a snack and gradually we substitute a few ingredients, without revolutionizing our entire menu in a single day. It would also damage our stomach, as well as our mood.

More movement? Let's start making one daily walk, of 30 minutes, for four or five days, then we can introduce a jog or a dip in the pool, or a longer walk. Go to bed earlier? We climb half an hour every day without expecting to be sleepy at 10 when until yesterday we went to sleep at 2 am.

How to build new habits: regularity

More regularly we repeat what we want to become a habit, the easier it will be and above all the faster it really becomes. We therefore try to be as regular as possible because there are some individuals who take only 18 days to adopt new healthy habits. Yes, very few. Others even 254. The average is 66, if you can get me close to it, consider yourself very good. Were you hoping for less? Not so, although it sometimes seems that in a week, it's done, because our brains really do recognize an action as routine, it takes a long time. The healthy habits that are easier to create, even faster, are always the ones that must be repeated every day.

Better a healthy snack a day than a day of healthy eating per week, on Saturdays. Better a little physical exercise every day than the gym two days a week. And so on, for all the news you want to introduce to improve your quality of life.

How to build new habits: the environment

Also our environment and objects who are there, can help us more than when we are aware of it. Let's make the most of this opportunity to pave the way for change. They eliminate the obstacles that stand in our way and instead insert elements that can lead us to the right path. A classic example, in the kitchen, is to display fruit, vegetables, healthy snacks, and hide more messy snacks in order to do not fall into temptation, seeing them, and opt instead for something more nutritious and light. Even to get some exercise, we can prepare the sneakers and the iPad with our favorite music, so as not to have to make any additional effort when we decide to leave the house for a healthy walk.

How to build new habits: the reward

Let's focus always about the advantages that the new habit it can give, even if not immediate. Physical activity will allow us to be in better shape and also more ready to face new sports, holidays, fun days and daily fatigue, without getting out of breath. A healthy diet brings enormous physical benefits. Getting the right sleep takes away our headaches and improves our ability to concentrate.

The problem is that these benefits are almost never immediate and the first few days, so difficult, are without effect. It is therefore necessary to insert small rewards when we take the first steps, associating a positive feeling with the sacrifice we are making. When we go for a walk, call a friend or listen to the podcast we love, it is a way to reward ourselves immediately.

Good habits diary

It is important not only to reward oneself, but also to be proud of oneself and one's own progress day by day. When it seems like we haven't taken a step, we can look back and notice our little big achievements. What better way to do this than a Bullet Journal? You can find them already set up and pleasing to the eye on Amazon, they will accompany you in growth.

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